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Jieyang Puning performs the most handsome British singing and dancing “blow up the streets” and Chinese war dance dances go abroad

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Puning Yingge Cultural Festival Celebrates Chinese New Year in Jieyang City

The 2024 Spring Festival cultural and entertainment activities in Puning urban area are in full swing, with the highlight of the “Chinese War Dance·Celebrating Everyone” Puning Yingge Cultural Festival series of activities. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Kaiyue has reported on the exciting performances that have been captivating audiences in Jieyang City.

The festivities featured the Chinese War Dance, known as Ying Ge and Dance, which was performed throughout Puning, Jieyang City, showcasing the most handsome “street bombing” performance. Cultural and entertainment teams like Dachi Ying Singing Troupe, Nigou Ying Singing Troupe, and Fumei Youth Ying Singing Troupe toured the city, offering beautiful New Year blessings to the citizens and showcasing the unique cultural charm of Puning, Jieyang.

The ornately dressed team members, donning dramatic masks, danced wildly to the sound of gongs, drums, shouts, and cheers that filled the streets and alleys. The performances included magnificent scenes, diverse formations, changeable routines, world-shaking sound, and a majestic momentum, creating a traditional happy and festive atmosphere for the New Year.

Puning Yingge, a national intangible cultural heritage, is a folk dance style widely circulated among the local people with a history of 300 years. It has been performed and passed down from generation to generation and is considered a symbol of promoting good, suppressing evil, auspiciousness, and peace, with a broad social foundation. The performing teams ranged from 24 to 36 people, up to 72 people, and even 108 people.

The popularity of Puning Yingge has soared over the past year, polishing Jieyang Puning’s cultural business card and attracting tourists from all over the country. The Puning Nanshan English Chorus even appeared in the “Happy Spring Festival” series of events in London, England, dancing the “Chinese War Dance” English song abroad and sending New Year greetings from Guangdong to overseas Chinese and foreign friends.

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One visitor from Guangzhou expressed their excitement, stating, “Last year I watched a lot of videos of Ying singing and dancing on the Internet. This year I finally took advantage of the Chinese New Year to see the style of Ying singing and dancing. It was really more shocking to see it live.”

The Puning Yingge Cultural Festival has not only celebrated the Chinese New Year but has also demonstrated the rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions of Jieyang City, captivating audiences and tourists alike.

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