Home News Jilin Province’s new crown virus infection exceeds 30,000 and faces a “triple test” | Jilin Province | Epidemic | Changchun City_Sina News

Jilin Province’s new crown virus infection exceeds 30,000 and faces a “triple test” | Jilin Province | Epidemic | Changchun City_Sina News

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Jilin Province’s new crown virus infection exceeds 30,000 and faces a “triple test” | Jilin Province | Epidemic | Changchun City_Sina News

  (Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Jilin Province New Coronary Virus Infected Breaking 30,000 Faces “Triple Test”

China News Agency, Changchun, March 26 (Reporter Guo Jia) In 25 days, the number of new coronavirus infections in Jilin Province exceeded 30,000. From March 15 to 25, the number of infected people increased sharply by 20,000. Under the triple test of the epidemic, economy, and people’s livelihood, Jilin Province officials said on the 26th that epidemic prevention and control is at a critical stage of a last-ditch battle and a decisive victory.

The Jilin Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on the epidemic prevention and control work on the 26th to report that as of 24:00 on March 25, a total of 96,607 close contacts and 102,312 close contacts were found in this epidemic in the province, and 94,711 people are still alive. isolation state.

The current round of the epidemic in Jilin Province began in early March. Officials said that there were two chains of transmission, both of which are the new coronavirus. The transmission is hidden, highly contagious, and fast. It is difficult to detect in the early stage, and community transmission has not been completely cut off. , the number of infected people continues to increase.

Since March 12, more than 1,000 new infections have been reported in Jilin Province every day, with a maximum of more than 4,000 a day. The relevant person in charge of the Jilin Provincial Health Commission said that due to the relatively large base of infected people in the early stage, the local epidemic situation is still running at a high level.

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The vast majority of infected people are in Changchun and Jilin, which together account for more than half of Jilin Province’s GDP. In order to control the spread of the epidemic, the two places have successively announced that all enterprises except supply guarantees will suspend production.

Most large-scale enterprises in Jilin Province are located in Changchun and Jilin, including China FAW, CRRC Changke, Jilin Petrochemical, etc. These enterprises have an important impact on economic fundamentals. The reporter was informed that the official is considering “starting the resumption of work and production of key enterprises in a timely manner in the form of sections and partitions”.

Flow investigation, nucleic acid testing of all staff, and isolation and transfer are the three main points of current epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province. In order to cooperate with the three tasks, the local social control has been continuously upgraded, and the demand for online purchase of living materials has surged.

Zhang Li, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission, said that the local area will use the surrounding security forces to provide material support for the whole process of sorting, packaging, and distribution for Changchun and Jilin, and set up a special class for people’s livelihood work in the closed community to continuously increase community protection. delivery capability.

In the face of the triple test of the epidemic, economy and people’s livelihood, Zhang Li introduced that Jilin Province will increase its efforts to do a good job in the strict and standardized management of closed and controlled areas, and implement the upgrading of control areas and the expansion of closed and controlled areas in Changchun and Jilin. . Strengthen the standardized management and high-frequency testing of staff in medical care, testing, supply guarantee, and community to prevent cross-infection. (over)

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