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Jinan Municipal Government Portal Focuses on Jinan’s Proposal on “Practice Diligence and Thrift and Oppose Food Waste”

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On the morning of March 23, the theme party day event of “Practice Diligence and Thrift against Catering Waste” jointly sponsored by Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Jinan Hotel Industry Association was held in Laiwu District. Business representatives participated in the event.

At the event site, Lv Guihong, deputy head of the Lecturer Group of the Municipal Party Committee, gave a party lecture on “Eliminate Catering Waste and Practice Savings”. The Municipal Hotel Industry Association issued a proposal to “Practice Diligence and Thrift and Oppose Catering Waste” to the city’s catering service providers and practitioners.

The proposal calls on catering companies to implement their main responsibilities and strengthen self-discipline management. Conscientiously implement the national, provincial, and municipal requirements on opposing food waste, and implement “strict economy and opposing waste” throughout the entire process of catering service consumption; improve management measures, do a good job in scientific meal preparation, accurate procurement, scientific storage, and improve cooking. Craftsmanship, multiple dishes with one material, coarse materials and fine workmanship, reduce kitchen waste, improve product quality, and avoid food waste; refine saving measures to create a civilized dining table. Display reminders such as “CD-ROM Action” and “Save Food” in the lobby, restaurant, etc., and advocate the use of “CD-ROM discounts” to guide consumers to participate in the practice of stopping food waste; to optimize the way of serving food, and eat in a civilized and rational manner. Provide consumers with serving chopsticks, serving spoons and packing services. Advocate business banquets to be served in separate meals and single dishes; wedding banquet services optimize menu design and adjust seasonal dishes in a timely manner; group meal companies regularly update menus and reasonably match dishes and staple foods to meet the tastes and nutritional needs of the diners.

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The initiative also proposes that catering companies should innovate service models, guide reasonable ordering, encourage the description of the taste and weight of dishes on the ordering page of the food delivery platform, and promote small or half dishes to facilitate consumers’ choices. Advocate buffet providers to adopt methods such as patrolling tables and ordering, timely adjust the amount of dishes served, and guide consumers to take food in small quantities and multiple times; establish a safety concept, create a safe environment, and strictly implement the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and ” The Safety Production Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Urban Gas Management Regulations, the Shandong Provincial Gas Management Regulations and other relevant laws and regulations ensure food safety and protect the health and safety of consumers.

A porridge and a meal should be thought of as hard-won, and a strand of persistent remembrance is hard to come by. Let us take active actions, start from ourselves, start from now, start from every meal, practice by ourselves, never abandon the trivial, resolutely stop food waste, earnestly cultivate the habit of saving, and strive to be a practitioner of strict saving and civilized The leader of the dining table and the creator of a better life.

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