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Jinan’s epidemic prevention measures warm people’s hearts, treat each other honestly and win trust

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Jinan’s epidemic prevention measures warm people’s hearts, treat each other honestly and win trust

The epidemic came with the midwinter again, and it was fierce and unpredictable. From one or two new cases per day to tens of hundreds, in the past three years of “experience”, the people of Jinan responded quickly, followed the instructions of relevant management departments to regulate their behavior, and worked hard to slow the spread of the epidemic. Reduced to the minimum, the scope is reduced to the minimum. Jinan City was able to control the situation and win the hearts of the people in a short period of time. In addition to being closely related to the accumulation of past experience, more importantly, this series of measures made Jinan citizens feel the “warmth” and “honesty” of the government.

Put people’s life and health first, and deal with the epidemic accurately and efficiently. At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, Jinan implemented a precise lockdown in accordance with the point-to-point model. The delineation of risk areas is accurate to the unit building, and efforts are made to reduce the secondary impact caused by confirmed cases. What followed was intensive arrangements for follow-up inspections, yang chases, secret chases, and separations with high quality and efficiency. At the same time, in-depth and meticulous medical treatment, community screening, isolation and transfer, etc. were carried out to ensure the safety of people’s lives to the greatest extent. , to reduce the impact of the epidemic on social life. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of epidemic tracking, relevant departments have developed and launched the “Quanchengtong” small program in the process of continuously studying and improving various prevention and control measures, so as to facilitate the convenient reporting of those who have entered the economy and returned to the economy. This measure provides a more stringent guarantee for the precise prevention and control of the epidemic.

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Life security and prevention and control go hand in hand, and the anti-epidemic measures warm people’s hearts. At the press conference on the epidemic on November 23, relevant personnel stated that Jinan will adhere to the principle of “three non-stops” and guarantee the “three non-stops”, that is, “non-stop production, non-stop work, and non-stop transportation”. The basic production and life of the people is continuous, and the production and construction of key projects are continuous. Compared with “the whole city is silent”, such a decision is undoubtedly a relatively bold move, but it is also a way that is more conducive to people’s lives and urban development. At the same time, in order to ensure that social supply is not lost, the government has put forward detailed and effective anti-epidemic recommendations for different production and living sectors, helping relevant units and enterprises to maintain relatively normal operations while complying with epidemic prevention and control policies. For example, it is required to recommend that catering units strictly implement epidemic prevention policies, optimize delivery services, improve delivery capabilities, and encourage related companies to carry out “shared employees” to enrich delivery capabilities.

As the saying goes, details embody art, and only details are the most expressive. The most heartwarming thing is the government’s careful consideration. For example, it pointed out at the epidemic briefing that in order to ensure the education and safety of students during online learning, Jinan suggested supporting and allowing one parent in a dual-earner family to take care of the children at home. This is an important and considerate instruction for most families. All of the above shows the carefulness and courage of the Jinan government to consider from the perspective of the people, laying a solid foundation for winning the hearts of the people.

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Share information openly and honestly, and treat each other honestly to win trust. Are there enough supplies during the epidemic? Will it sit on the ground and raise the price? Can online shopping needs be met and guaranteed? How to protect the living environment and standard of the people under lockdown? These are the problems and doubts that people are most concerned about. Faced with these key issues, the Jinan government did not talk about it, nor did it avoid it. Instead, it responded clearly at the press conference on November 25, giving the people of Jinan a dose of reassurance. In the process of public response, the relevant departments used objective and straightforward data to prove that there is no need to worry about the sufficient supply of vegetables in Jinan City; the environmental management of the sealed-off area is well-organized and strictly followed the norms; in the face of logistics problems, Jinan will always insist on “grasp with one hand To prevent and control the epidemic, we must focus on ensuring smooth traffic with one hand.” However, the government is definitely not reporting good news but not bad news. In the face of the current predicament, the relevant personnel are not shy about it, saying that problems such as the slower express delivery time for online shopping reported by the public do exist, and at the same time list the cause of the problem and the solution. There is no time-delaying rhetoric, no “fig leaf” to cover up shortcomings, and the open response is a manifestation of the government’s responsibility to the people, and it can better demonstrate Jinan’s confidence in overcoming the epidemic.

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Although winter is cold, people’s hearts are not cold. As the leader in epidemic prevention and fighting, the government puts itself in the shoes of the people and considers it from the perspective of the people. This is the prerequisite for successful leadership and the foundation of convincing the people. Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it. What the people need is not a high-ranking official, but a warm and honest government like a family member. The various measures of the Jinan epidemic this time have undoubtedly set a benchmark and set an example. (Special commentator Yang Shuyan)

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