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Jingcai Technology provides a new Micro LED inspection solution

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Jingcai Technology provides a new Micro LED inspection solution

From April 19th to 21st, the “2023 Touch Taiwan Series Exhibition-Smart Display Exhibition” was grandly launched in Hall 1 of Nangang Exhibition Center. It is the largest electronic technology industry event in Taiwan in the first half of the year. Show smart display, smart manufacturing, and applications and solutions in related fields such as international industrial materials.

Jingcai Technology provides a series of inspection solutions including Micro LED, Micro OLED, FOPLP, TFT LCD, Touch Panel, electronic paper, OLED and other products, including Chip On Wafer/Carrier for the production process of Micro LED display The three major product themes of Die Inspection and Measuring Machine, Backplane Panel Pad & Die Inspection and Measuring Machine, and Panel Side Wire Inspection and Measuring Machine will simultaneously present the latest technologies and practical applications at the exhibition.

Jingcai Technology said that the company’s newly developed series of Micro LED inspection and testing equipment are equipped with a new generation of high-speed embedded AI real-time inspection architecture. In terms of Chip On Wafer/Carrier grain inspection machines, they can handle huge orders of magnitude of die Defect detection and grain offset and rotation measurement after giant rotation; Backplane Panel Pad & grain inspection machine can be used for the short circuit of the driving circuit, the defect and abnormality of the metal pad, and the LED Bonding behind the metal pad The position is offset for accurate detection and measurement; in addition, the Panel side wire detection and measuring machine can correspond to different cutting sizes, and simultaneously scan the edge grinding surface and the front side to provide short-circuit detection of metal wires, wires and drives. Overlay between lines and line dimension measurement monitoring solution. The full range of products helps customers improve yield analysis and process efficiency, and achieve the goal of optimizing production process and product quality.

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To sum up, Jingcai Technology applies AI AOI real-time detection and measurement technology to Micro LED, Micro OLED, TFT LCD, Touch Panel, e-paper, OLED and other products, effectively avoiding the backflow of abnormal products, and can be faster, more accurate and more accurate. To better meet the needs of customers, while improving product quality and production efficiency.

Jingcai Technology adheres to independent research and development, continues to pay attention to research and development and patent layout, and has been more active in the field of new display technology and manufacturing processes in recent years, providing customers with high-precision, high-quality automatic optical inspection and measurement equipment, as well as production line defect detection and yield For more detailed information, please refer to booth L218 “FAVITE” on the 4th floor, or contact the official website:[https://www.favite.com/](https://www.favite.com/)。

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