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Jinyu: Head of Zhengzhou, China’s new crown testing leader, accused of “virus spread”, shares plummeted for two consecutive days – BBC News 中文

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Headquarters of KingMed Medical in Guangzhou

The Public Security Bureau of Xuchang City, Henan Province, China reported on the 12th that the regional head of an inspection center in Zhengzhou “performed acts that caused the spread of the virus or had a serious risk of spreading the virus”, and the person had been investigated on suspicion of a criminal offense.

It’s unclear what the police are referring to. But on the Chinese internet, many suspect the company is “spreading poison”. Affected, the closing share price of Jinyu Medical on the 12th was 91 yuan per share, down 5.79% in a single day, and the market value evaporated by 2.6 billion in one day; on the 13th, it fell by 5.87%.

The company involved is Zhengzhou Jinyu Clinical Laboratory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengzhou Jinyu”), which is wholly-owned by the listed company Jinyu Medical. Jinyu Medical issued a statement on the 12th, saying, “It is still in the investigation stage, and there is no conclusion.”

“At present, Zhengzhou Jinyu has suspended the nucleic acid testing work in Xuchang City, and the nucleic acid testing work in other areas of Henan Province is proceeding normally. The group’s operations are all normal, and the incident will not have a significant impact on the group’s overall operations.” The company said in a statement.

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