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‘Juancho’ and ‘Lucho’ captured for drug trafficking in Huila

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‘Juancho’ and ‘Lucho’ captured for drug trafficking in Huila

In the department of Huila, police authorities managed to capture two men and seize a significant amount of illicit substances in two different municipalities.

The first incident took place in Chimbayaco neighborhood of the municipality of Agradowhere the quadrant patrol detained an individual known as ‘Juancho’. During the search, he was found to be carrying a bag containing marijuana.which led to his immediate arrest.

In a simultaneous operation, the agents of quadrant No.2 In the La Caraguaja neighborhood of Campoalegre, they observed a subject identified as alias ‘Lucho’ acting suspiciously. When approached, it was discovered that he had 47 doses of bazooka with him, prepared for distribution in the region.

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Colonel William Javier Lara Avendaño, commander of the Huila Police Department, highlighted the success of the operational plans implemented by law enforcement forces throughout the jurisdiction of Huila. Thanks to these actions, ‘Juancho’ and ‘Lucho’ were captured and placed at the disposal of the URI Prosecutor’s Office on duty for the crimes of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics.


In other events in the control plans to counteract criminal actions in the Laboyos Valley, two 16-year-old youths were apprehended, who were traveling on a stolen motorcycle with falsified identification systems.

In the operation carried out in the Central area of ​​the municipality, the uniformed officers, upon verifying the chassis number of the moped on the PDA device, realized the novelty that it did not coincide with the identification systems of the motorcycle, so they proceeded to the apprehension.

The motorcycle was placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office for the respective expert reports by the automotive technicians, while the minors were placed at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of receiving and false marking.

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