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Judo from Chimborazo heading to Brazil

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Judo from Chimborazo heading to Brazil


Marcela Arévalo and Mikaela Cushquicushma, representatives of the Judo discipline of the Chimborazo Sports Federation (FDCH), are ready to embark on a trip to Brazil today.

The young judokas have completed an intense preparation of more than 10 years.

The goal they worked for is the Pan American Judo Championships that will run until April 24. Accompanied by their coach, Cristina Ortega, these athletes are preparing to raise the name of their province and Ecuador in this international competition. Judo, one of the 21 sports disciplines that are part of our institution, is a combat sport that is distinguished by its focus on takedowns and technique over brute force. Despite their young age, Marcela and Mikaela have dedicated almost a decade of arduous training to perfect their skills in this discipline under the tutelage of their coach, Cristina Ortega, and Professor Víctor Tapia.

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