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Justice, reform expected in the CDM, the unknown M5S remains

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The reform arrives in the Council of Ministers on 8 July Cartabia criminal justice. On 7 July, the planned control room was blown above all, they point out to the ministry of Justice, for the agenda of the minister, engaged in a confrontation with the trade union organizations of prison officers after the events of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. No dramatization therefore, also because the contents of the proposal, which will then be translated in the coming days into amendments to be presented to the Camera, were illustrated in the last few hours to the majority forces.

The transition to CDM and the unknown 5S

Having said that the passage in cabinet it will also have to serve for a collegial assumption of responsibility on a crucial issue also for the allocation of the funds provided for by the Recovery, on the political level the 5-star unknown remains. Above all because, on the technical level, the solution that seems to have taken shape and on which the other majority forces converge, with different nuances, significantly weakens that block of terms after the first instance sentence which at the same time constitutes the version in force today, established by the now proverbial law “corrupt sweeps”Has become the identity bastion of the Movement.


The work of the Lattanzi commission

Yes, because, in the end, after a rather troubled path (the conclusions of the commission Lattanzi established by the minister have been formalized for weeks now), on the statute of limitations the provision is to confirm the suspension of the terms after the first degree ruling, but to then sanction the process with the impossibility of prosecution which will not end within the terms set by the Pinto law: 2 years for the first degree and 1 for the Supreme Court. In the event of overrun of the terms, the judgment could no longer continue and the procedural trap will be triggered, without that distinction between acquitted and convicted that provided for by the Conte bis award (also shared by the 5 Stars at the time of the Giallorossi government) was then also translated, both albeit in different ways, in one of the two proposals of the Lattanzi commission.

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The forecasts for pm

The 5-star should instead be more welcome to recover the room for maneuver for prosecutors in the matter of appeal. The Lattanzi commission had indicated that the prosecutors could not be appealed as a possible way, balanced by a squeeze on the grounds of appeal by the defenses, in order to respect what was written by the sentence of the Constitutional Court which rejected the Pecorella law; now by the Ministry of Justice, also in light of the very low numbers of appeals by the prosecution, for the pm the possibility of filing an appeal is retained, albeit with some limitations.
What would be watered down would then be that indication by the Parliament of the priorities in the exercise of the prosecution by the prosecutors, which already in the proposals of the Lattanzi commission is not immediately understandable. And among the amendments of the Justice there will also be the provision that the judge of cognition can already with the sentence, in the event of a sentence of up to 4 years, proceed to inflict rather substitute sanctions.

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