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Justice, Sisto “Reform is also cultural, no media trial”

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – “Justice must recover a relationship with the citizen of reconciliation. If you have not made a mistake, the process must not become a sanction itself. First of all, the reform must be cultural, we must start from the Constitution”. Thus the Undersecretary of Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto, interviewed by Claudio Brachino for the “Primo Piano” section of the Italpress Press Agency. “It is necessary to start by speeding up the civil process as requested by Europe to then arrive at an overall reform” adds Sisto. “This is a government that would like to make efficiency as well as competence a starting point and for this reason six advisory commissions have been set up”. “The previous government – he adds – imposed reforms on Parliament, crushing any possibility of debate”, continues Sisto, who then touches on the issue of prescription. “The pillars must be the presumption of innocence, due process and reasonable duration – says the Undersecretary of Justice – We must intervene so that the trial is no longer a penalty. Becoming investigated today is already a sentence because the reputational damage is perceived as huge”. Sisto then explains what are the mistakes to avoid. “Judicial leadership – he continues – must be abolished. The criminal trial makes sense if we free it from the media”. The Bonafede reform “was born with a view to accelerating the processes, but this was not done. A wrong reform, therefore, because it made the process eternal and incompatible with Article 111 of the Constitution”. For Sisto “the prescription must be modified and applied to the reasonable duration of the process”. Regarding Grillo’s video he states: “My impression is that this outburst is the confession of a loss of identity of the Movement – continues the undersecretary -. This M5S is in great difficulty and the results of Grillo’s video lend themselves to a sort of heterogenesis of the ends, overcoming the execution phase “. (ITALPRESS). mpe / mgg / red 22-Apr-21 17:08

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