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Jose Penuela

March 25, 2023 – 5:00 AM

Right to life

He Pope Francisco indicated that “The international community must join efforts to guarantee everyone’s access to water and sanitation, so that the right to water is universally fulfilled, which is nothing other than the right to life, to the future, to hope” .

‘He was left hanging’

The former uribista senator Ernesto Macias warned that “The Minister of the Interior and Defense left the Police Director hanging, because, according to the general, Prada was exchanged for the freedom of the 78 police officers kidnapped in Caquetá. And the Commander of the Caquetá Police ended up in prison because “nobody gave the order not to support the police.”

analytical independence

The senator of the Green Alliance, You are Asprillaindicated that “As independent leaders we support Petro to be president, however, just as we opposed the political reform that collapsed, we will only support and defend with analytical independence what we consider to be useful to the country.”

Magnifier to project

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The Conservative MP Juan Carlos Wills highlighted the meeting he had with “the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, with the objective of defining fundamental aspects for the presentation of the project that seeks to modify the criminal and penitentiary policy”.

recover Medellin

The former Peace Commissioner of the Duque government and current candidate for mayor of the Antioquia capital, Juan Camilo Restrepourged “Think of a safe Medellín, with allies in the communities for a timely response from the public force. We must work to leave informality in the public space and recover it in favor of the citizenry”.

Macrorueda in Barranquilla

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejostressed that the city “It is the first city in the Caribbean to host ProColombia’s Macrorrueda95 in its entire history. More than 2,000 companies, among those 162 Atlantic, will close deals for millions of dollars. There are reasons to be optimistic.”

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