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Jose Penuela

February 5, 2023 – 5:00 AM

petrist blackmail

The Senator of the Democratic Center, Miguel Uribe Turbayindicated that “We will summon the Minister of Transportation to give explanations about the blackmail to which Petro is subjecting the people of Bogota today. He knows the works that are at risk if the whim of the president who will put the Metro at risk is not satisfied ”.

minga for life

The indigenous senator Aida Quilcue held that “We repudiate the acts of violence in the Colombian southwest. According to Indepaz there are already 11 murders in the course of the year and 240 murders after the signing of the peace. We call on the Government to organize a Minga for Life”.

defend the system

Former Minister and Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon held that “The survey on the health system makes it very clear that people do not want to end a system that gives them multiple benefits. It also points out that multiple improvements should be made to the system. The management of resources and the quality of service to users must be raised”.

bank integration

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The Colombian ambassador in Venezuela, Armando Benedettistressed that “We met with Asobancaria and the Banking Alliance of Venezuela, with whom a roadmap was achieved to work on the financial relationship between the two countries. There will be regular bilateral meetings. Thanks to Jonathan Malagón, president of Asobancaria, and to all the banks that attended”.

trill and travel

The former uribista senator Ernesto Macias asked the following question on their social networks: “Do you know what is the worst thing that can happen to a nation? Elect a president who, in exchange for governing, dedicates himself to trilling and traveling the world. And the country’s problems unresolved.”

scoundrel blackmail

Former presidential candidate Juan Manuel Galan stated that the “Bogotans deserve decent, efficient, high-quality, reliable, frequent, fast, comfortable, accessible, convenient, affordable, and safe public transportation. We have waited for the subway for 81 years. Scoundrel blackmail for electoral purposes of the national government.

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