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Kaleidoscope | The New Century

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Kaleidoscope |  The New Century

rivers of people

Regarding the marches on Tuesday, the former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt highlighted the “Rivers of people leaving without front lines to march throughout Colombia against the total chaos of Petro. No one can cover the sun with a finger. These marches are also citizens’ support for the truth after the strong warning of the Prosecutor. Colombia respects us.”

Country right?

Senator and former Vice President Humberto de la Calle pointed out that “The marches are great. Petro must reflect. Either he opens the compass and achieves less radical transformative goals or he risks moving the country to the right. A moderate right or a radical right? That is the question”.

new rector

Defense Minister, Ivan Velasquezindicated that “after examining his academic, military and personal career, I agreed with President Gustavo Petro to nominate retired Major General Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya for the position of rector of the Nueva Granada Military University, elected by the Higher University Council”.

Why did they change?

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Before the closing of the legislature on Tuesday night, the senator of the Democratic Center, Dove Valenciawarned that “The Historical Pact has supported the Electoral Code in all debates. They did not listen to the critics and they refused to the changes. Even President Petro was committed to removing him. In the conciliation they do not want to vote, why did they change?

kills her yes kills

“We did it, Colombia wins, we say no to the bill that intended to legalize cannabis for adult use. It kills it, it kills. From the Conservative Party we continue working to promote laws that really benefit society “. This was indicated by the blue senator Jose Alfredo Marin.

will follow the cause

On the same subject, after the collapse of the project, the senator of the Historical Pact, Maria Jose Pizarrostressed that “We will continue to defend the regulation of cannabis for adult use due to convictions; because the communities of our country have a different opportunity to violence and a job in legality. Because childhood and youth are not at the mercy of the mafias and the jíbaros”.

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