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Kanner Morales tells how his brother Kaleth’s hit “Give me a kiss” was recorded

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Kanner Morales tells how his brother Kaleth’s hit “Give me a kiss” was recorded

when commemorating This June 9, the 40th birthday of the late singer Kaleth Morales, his brother Kanner recalled an anecdote that marked his beginnings in vallenata music and the continuity of the Morales dynasty.

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In a video posted on his Instagram account, the artist recounted the day he recorded the song ‘Give me a kiss’, included in the album ‘Único’, released as a posthumous tribute to Kaleth and which included songs of his authorship.

My first recording was when my brother Kaleth died; in october he was working on a posthumous album and there is a song called ‘Give me a kiss’ written by Gaby Arregocés and there I had the opportunity to sing with my brother Kaleth. This song was initially going to be sung by Keyner, but since he was not 100% after the accident, Juank Ricardo called the managers of Sony so that I could record it.”, related children.

The artist said that he was nervous about making the recording, but after listening to the song, the producers and directors of the Sony Music label did not know how to differentiate his voice from that of his brother, due to the great resemblance.

When I started recording the first phase, I remember that Norberto Domínguez looked at Juank Ricardo, took the microphone and told me: ‘This boy can help’, but due to genetics, obviously my voice had a lot of Kaleth’s and that’s it, when I finished singing the song Sony people wondered where I sang because they heard the same voice”, he narrated.

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Finally, Kanner revealed the reaction of his father Miguel Morales when he heard the song. He confessed that he feels great satisfaction hearing this song on digital platforms and thanked the followers of the Morales dynasty for always supporting them.

My dad started to cry, he congratulated me and told me that he didn’t know that I sang.Thank God I was able to give myself the satisfaction of recording a song next to my brother, In Bogotá, the Sony record company made us our first contract and that’s how this beautiful thing to sing began.”ended.

Kanner is a vocalist with his brother Keyner of Los Morales, a Vallenato group that tours the country and abroad performing their hits and the songs of their father Miguel and the late Kaleth Morales.

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