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Kany García and Abel Pintos present their musical single ‘Mi plan de vida’

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Kany García and Abel Pintos present their musical single ‘Mi plan de vida’

The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Kany García is premiering with the video for her single ‘Mi Plan de Vida’ together with the Argentine composer Abel Pintos. Approximately seven years after their successful first collaboration on the theme ‘Here’Kany García and Abel Pintos unite their voices again to delight the public in a refreshing and romantic single titled ‘My life plan’.

Abel Pintos, Argentine singer and composer.

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After you have harvested greatest hits in their respective careers in 2022, now, with their incomparable voices, the singer-songwriters are preparing to tell in this new collaboration the story of a love that seeks to be and remain in the day to day of the couples.

The song ‘Mi Plan de Vida’ is inspired by a love that many people long to have at some point.

“Starting the new year with such a beautiful collaboration with my great friend and colleague whom I respect a lot, Abel Pintos is a great joy. This song talks about a beautiful love, one of those that we all yearn for at some point and to which we are used to singing. I know people are going to enjoy it as much as the video in which we work with so much love. I’m sure they’ll start singing it with us soon,” she said. Puerto Rican singer-songwriter.

Kany García together with Abel Pintos, at the launch of their new single ‘Mi Plan de Vida’, which reflected the teamwork and enthusiasm of both.

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“Singing with Kany always It is an honor and meet again in this sweet song, which was worked with a lot of love and enthusiasm for the enjoyment of the public, I think it’s great. This is a song to dedicate, to sing it with your heart and enjoy it with the people you love. I’m crazy because they can listen to it,” said the Argentine singer-songwriter Abel Pintos.

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