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Karachi fire, one more injured died, the toll is 5

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Karachi fire, one more injured died, the toll is 5

Friday, December 8, 2023, 1:28 am City History

KARACHI: The number of people who died due to fire in a private property near Ayesha Manzil has increased to 5. One of the deceased has not been identified yet. Those who died due to burns include 35-year-old Ghulam Raza son of Rajab Ali, 38-year-old Noman Beg son of Mirza Amin Beg, 20-year-old Osama son of Abdul Rahman, 30-year-old Riaz son of Ramadan and an unknown 30-year-old person. Due to the fire in Arshi shopping center, many people became homeless and came to the street, the residents spent the night under the open sky.

The affected resident woman of Arshi Mall became upset and said that the city with the highest tax payer is an orphan, there is no safe house here, no gas is coming, but the people of Karachi pay the entire bill, they pay the extra electricity bill, Karachi is burning, someone is dying. The victims said that we do not want any help, we should be allowed to go to our homes.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Building Control Authority has declared the Arshi shopping center building habitable and said that the foundation of the building has not been damaged by the fire. All four floors of the affected building are habitable. The administration opened the residential block of the fire-affected building as habitable for the residents, after which the affected families of Arshi Center shifted to their apartments.

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