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Karen Lizarazo reveals her heart in ‘Beber’, her new song

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Karen Lizarazo reveals her heart in ‘Beber’, her new song

After the success of ‘Ganas locas’ and ‘Perro infiel’, Vallenata music singer Karen Lizarazo promotes the song ‘Beber’ as a preamble to his next musical album, which will be released in August of this year.

In dialogue with EL PILÓN, the artist born in Aguachica, Cesar, explained that the theme is inspired by a personal love experience and that has become their ‘oxygen and gasoline’ to continue promoting her musical career and strengthen female vallenato.

“‘Drink’ is a song that is giving me a lot of happiness, it is a strength and a driving force that my career has been needing for three years. Since ‘Ganas locas’ we didn’t feel that a song gained that strength and began to stick and get into the house, the streets and the hearts of people in an organic way”said Karen Lizarazo.

He added: “I feel that ‘Beber’ is that oxygen tank and that gasoline that I was already looking for to be able to continue in the fight of this musical career and female vallenato, which is not so easy, but songs like this are inspiring and give you strength every day. days”.


The song tells the way in which a couple ended their romantic relationship. In addition, it sends a message to women so that they do not allow themselves to be defeated by love affairs and go out to enjoy life with their friends and family.

This is a song that gives empowerment and positive freedom to those women who were in complex relationships. It specifically talks about an attachment relationship for a person who ultimately decides to end it through a WhatsApp message. In the end what it says is that if you are going through a difficult time, the only thing I ask of you is that you do not lock yourself in, but that you go out to enjoy, and drink, whether it is red wine or alcohol.l”, expressed Lizarazo.

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The song was written by the Caesarense artist in collaboration with Santa Colectivo In the city of medellin. It became a catharsis through which Karen Lizarazo unburdened herself and turned the sadness she felt over her loss into love and joy.

To drink‘ is available on bad digital platforms and on the singer’s YouTube channel.


Karen Lizarazo is in the production of her new musical album in which he will include six songs of his authorship, among them ‘Drink’ and ‘I give it to you’, This last song was written in Mexico for the person who got into their relationship. “It’s a song for girls, for lovers“, said.

At the Vallenato Festival the artist will perform in several concerts in Valledupar and will attend the accordion competitions to enjoy alongside her fans in the capital of Cesar.


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