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Karol G explained in what order his new album should be listened to

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Karol G explained in what order his new album should be listened to

On February 24, Karol G released a new record: ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’. The album contains a total of 17 songs listed as follows: ‘While I heal my heart’, ‘X if we go back’, ‘But you’, ‘Besties’, ‘Gucci los paños’, ‘TQG’, ‘Tus gafitas ‘, ‘Ferrari eyes’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Catwoman’, ‘Kármika’, ‘Provence’, ‘Carolina’, ‘We damage friendship’, ‘Bitterness’, ‘Cairo’ and ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’.

However, the urban singer has her personal order, that is, for her the album has a particular common thread and she wanted to reveal it to her audience. It was so that from Billboard’s social networks, a video was published in which the paisa began by expressing:

“You know that there is an official tracklist from 1 to 17… but I made a personal order that I wanted after they listened to it as it is there (the album), they listened to it in this order so that they understand a little where it is going the story of this album.

What is the order of Karol G? Well, for the Colombian reggaeton singer, the list should be:

1. Bitterness

2. Gucci the cloths

3. X if we return, a collaboration with Romeo Santos, bachata singer

4. While I heal my heart

5. Besties

6. Karmika, with Bad Gyal and Sean Paul

7. TQG, the long-awaited song in conjunction with Shakira, which had been speculating for weeks

8. Catwoman, collaboration with Maldy

9. Provence

10. Ferrari eyes, a meeting with Justin Quiles and Ángel Dior

11. We damage friendship, theme with Sech

12. Cairo, a song he has in conjunction with the producer and friend, Ovy On The Drums

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13. Carolina

14. But you, with Quevedo

15. Tus gafitas

16. Mercurio

17. Tomorrow will be beautiful, collaboration with Carla Morrison

When listening to the album in the order recommended by Karol G, it seems that the story revolves around a woman who is not having a good time because of a heartbreak, but over time she feels comfortable with her new sentimental status, She goes out with her friends, goes to a party, to later have an affair with a friend and end up falling in love, apparently. Finally, and after everything we have lived: tomorrow will be beautiful.

On the other hand, the success that the reggaeton singer quickly had with the release of ‘Mañana ser bonito’, on February 24, is to be admired. The urban singer herself has celebrated from her social networks the records that the album has had just three days after its premiere.

“After the months, the time invested, the love and efforts that this album has, the illusions and the dreams, Mañana was definitely Very Beautiful: Record for a Latin female album with more than 32 M streams on Spotify, first global #1 on Apple Music lifetime and 2nd biggest female debut ever on YouTube… wow! and it’s not about the numbers… but these numbers let me see the incredible love with which they received this work and together we are making history!”.

There is no doubt that, today, Carolina Giraldo Navarro (her first name) is one of the brightest music stars in the world. From the urban genre, the paisa has been able to leave a mark in the industry, play on the stages most desired by artists, win and win awards, break records and record with their idols, as was the case with Shakira, one of the singers that has been a benchmark in his career.

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Now all that remains is to wait for what other musical surprises the paisa will give its fans in the course of 2023. With Infobae

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