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Kia Niro, the new debut at the Seoul Mobility Show 2021

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At the Seoul Mobility Show 2021, Kia unveils the new Niro, a medium-sized crossover that is a candidate to be a best seller from the Korean manufacturer. And which will also be offered in a 100% electric edition. “The brand new Kia Niro facilitates the sustainable lifestyle with its ecological materials, advanced technology and electric powertrains, responding to every practical need without any sacrifice”, explains in an official note Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia.

Stylistically the car takes a lot from the Habaniro concept, presented at the New York Motor Show in 2019, starting with the two-tone bodywork, passing through the large rear pillar – which improves the car’s aerodynamics – and ending with the design of the rear lights, in the shape of a boomerang. The sustainability of the vehicle passes through devices such as the roof covering, made with recycled paper; while the seats are made of Tencel, a Bio fabric in eucalyptus fiber, and the door panels are painted without benzene, toluene, and xylene isomers to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste.

The “Greenzone Drive Mode” function of the Niro with rechargeable hybrid engine is interesting: “when driving in restricted traffic areas, in residential areas or near schools and hospitals, the vehicle automatically switches to the use of electric propulsion only based on the information it collects from the navigation system and driving history data, ”explains Kia. Instrumentation and infotelematics are based on digital panels. On the market, the new Niro will be available with hybrid, rechargeable hybrid and electric powertrains starting from the second half of next year.

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