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King Philip of Belgium visits Villa Barbaro di Maser

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King Philip of Belgium visits Villa Barbaro di Maser

The ruler on a private visit dines in Susegana guest of Princess Collalto de Croy, second excellent visit to the Unesco area after the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin

MASER. After a premier, could a king be missing to visit the Unesco beauties of the Marca? Evidently not. And here Philip, the King of Belgium, appeared at Villa Barbaro di Maser. Indeed, “of the Belgians”. He did so in the afternoon, after being a guest of Princess Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, eldest daughter of Prince Manfredo and Princess Trinidad.

The king with the straw hair who rides a bike, at 62, demonstrating the physique of an athlete; up and down the ramps of the castle of Collato, without showing fatigue. While, mind you, the Belgian counter-terrorism followed him by car, as did the Polstrada and the Digos of Treviso. Filippo had lunch at the Collato di Susegana cellars, guest of the princess, with the police to arm the structure. And everyone wondering, in Susegana as in Maser, why there is such a line-up.

The two visits – very private – had not in fact been announced. If not for the highly reserved diners, in the case of the Collalto family. While at Villa Barbaro he found a group of boys to welcome him, without any formalities. Very private visit, for which not even the municipal authorities have been warned. As, in fact, in the case of Sanna Marin, a young prime minister of Finland, when she was staying in the Unesco Hills.

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And just as Sanna ended her short vacation in Verona, so did the king, once he left Maser, riding a dark brown Ranger Rover with tinted windows. Both guests of the Treviso Unesco heritage, King Fiippo and Donna Sanna, were immediately appreciated for their simplicity and courtesy. Suffice it to say that Filippo Leopoldo Luigi – as the ruler is actually called – does not define himself as king of Belgium but king of the Belgians in order to put the people and their importance at the center.

Philip has been on the throne since 2013, when his father Albert II abdicated in his favor. “King Filppo is a very reserved person, he was obviously enthusiastic about this beauty” testifies Vittorio Dalle Ore, owner of Villa Barbaro, who accompanied the guest to admire the Palladian work, decorated with frescoes by Paolo Veronese, one of the Renaissance masterpieces.

Video. Because Villa Barbaro di Maser is a place to visit absolutely

Because Villa Barbaro di Maser is a place to visit absolutely

Among other things, the villa is set in a green setting around, a 200-hectare farm. “It is an extremely fascinating environment of which the king was fascinated – confirms Dalle Ore – also because it is a lived-in house, it is open to the public, you can visit the frescoes, but at the same time there is the life of a family who carries out “.

The atmosphere in Casa Collalto is also very familiar. Princess Isabella, on the other hand, married the Belgian prince Guillaume de Croÿ in 1989; couple from which the children Emmanuel and Violette were born. It should be added that the royal visit took place between two Venetian villas that belong to the association chaired by Isabella di Collalto herself.

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