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Kinshasa: one city, one choice: Deo Kasongo! – Capsud.net

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Kinshasa: one city, one choice: Deo Kasongo!  – Capsud.net

Several people have expressed their interest in leading the city province of Kinshasa. In this lot we find Déo Kasongo, Congolese entrepreneur and businessman, whose name no longer needs to be introduced in Kinshasa.

The Boss of Divo arrives in this election with a strong message: “I’m ready “, this, to tell the people of Kinshasa that he is the man for the job. That it is what the Congolese capital needs to regain its letters of nobility and take pride of place in the firmament of the great cities of Africa and the world.

The professional career of the owner of the mhytique room “Show Buzz” focused on Communication is undoubtedly an asset that will allow him to meet the expectations of his compatriots.

With his expertise, Déo Kasongo will certainly use his expertise in the field of communication to trigger the development and influence of a city which is no longer different today from a dump.

As in other places, he will use communications to convince investors to come and invest in this megacity which today has more than 15 million inhabitants. But also, he will use it to attract tourists to come and experience the warmth of Kinshasa and experience its culture.

Kinshasa once again has an opportunity to dissociate itself from its ills, it is up to the provincial deputies to seize this chance, by opting for Déo Kasongo.


Emongo Gérôme

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