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Kretschmer: Union candidate for chancellor will only be clarified after state elections – news

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Kretschmer: Union candidate for chancellor will only be clarified after state elections – news

In the WDR interview, CDU deputy federal leader Kretschmer said about the question of the candidacy for chancellor: “We have an agreement that it will be clarified in the fall, and the fall begins sometime at the end of September.” There will be elections in his state on September 1st. He would like an election that revolves around Saxony and “that we don’t have these federal political influences.”

In December, Kretschmer had already said that he considered the question of the candidate for chancellor to be clarified – even if the official decision would not be made until later. CDU leader Merz is supported by himself as well as by CSU boss Söder and CSU regional group leader Dobrindt.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) warned the Union against premature debates about the candidacy for chancellor in connection with Kretschmer’s statements.

High poll numbers for the AfD: The East as a “seismograph”

In Kretschmer’s state, the AfD, which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies as definitely right-wing extremist, is ahead in current surveys. But why is there so much frustration in Saxony? Kretschmer’s answer: During his visits to North Rhine-Westphalia, he noticed that the East was “a seismograph.” But this mood also exists in the West – and it is growing.

The CDU politician emphasized that politicians’ ability to find solutions is being questioned. But the best way to defend democracy is to show that “the constitutional state, the free democratic basic order, our democracy, solves problems, solves challenges.” Now we have to prove that.

“The proportion of people who no longer believe that this democracy solves a problem is increasing. And then you see that in the results for the protest parties.” Michael Kretschmer (CDU)

Kretschmer: The federal government must be prepared to correct itself

Kretschmer said it was bitter that the federal government was now turning its back on farmers and other issues. There are also large companies in North Rhine-Westphalia that said they had to leave Germany.

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“We have an urgent need for corrections,” says the Saxon Prime Minister. “And that’s something we as the CDU have always offered, Hendrik Wüst, me, others, we want to do it together, we have a political responsibility.”

We are ready to work with the federal government, but it also has to move and be ready to correct itself.

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