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Kretschmer wants to move to Graz straight away

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Kretschmer wants to move to Graz straight away

It took twelve years: While other Austrian cities such as Vienna and Salzburg have already been seen several times in the cult show “Shopping Queen” on VOX, the famous pink bus from the show only drove through Graz with the candidates for the first time last August. The episodes from the Mur metropolis have been shown on TV and in streams (RTL+) since Monday. A very special motto was chosen for Graz: “Same same but different.” In keeping with Valentine’s Day, not only are five women competing, but their life partners are also becoming candidates with them. The winner is the couple who gets the best outfit on a given theme within four hours – it’s about finding a common item and creating different looks.

Day 3: Fight with the glasses machine and a trench coat as an eye-catcher

Lisa and Dominic try out trench coats on Infected © RTL / Constantin Ent.

It’s the turn of two musicians on Wednesday: Lisa (30) is a singer in a gala band and is currently on maternity leave, Dominic (34 and “the cutest drunk in the whole world,” as his wife says) plays in a ska band and is a full-time programmer. The two, who have been a couple for seven years and married for a year, want to get their hands on a trench coat as a shared item of clothing – and they find it at their first port of call, Infected by Kastner & Öhler. Kretschmer commented on the first coat, a green one, with the words: “It looks a bit like the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.” But it will be a beige Adidas coat, Lisa will style it with a tight, black dress, Dominic will wear casual trousers with a black shirt. Matching sunglasses come from the Optik Sattler machine – despite difficulties, the machine doesn’t want to spit out the second pair of glasses. They both get the finishing touches at Intercoiffeur Mayer on Sporgasse, where Lisa does her own make-up and Dominic gets his hair cut. The rating keeps things exciting: “It suits both of them very, very well,” says the competition – there are 33 points, just one less than the first two couples.

Day 2: Twice is better: Harald and Tamara got married twice

It’s Tamara and Harald’s turn on Tuesday – and Guido Maria Kretschmer is happy about a touching love story © VOX

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This week it’s all about love, so a special love story shouldn’t be missed: Harald and Tamara, both 58 years old and already retired, met and married at the age of 18, but divorced in 2014. They hadn’t seen each other for three years, but fell in love again after a chance reunion – and married for the second time in 2019. The two, who describe themselves as “freaky and casual,” go shopping with their dog – “the last child always has fur, they say,” comments Guido Maria Kretschmer.

For Tamara one thing is certain: “I choose what I buy, he can then adapt.” The shopping takes place in the Citypark shopping center – for her in the Folger boutique, for him in the jeans shop “Blue”, where they both also go Find a common item, a brown Pepe T-shirt. The two get shoes and accessories from Shoe 4 you and Bijoux Brigitte, and they go to Salon Irene in Kalsdorf for styling. What the team can be very happy about is that a tip of 60 euros remains – “Please drink the rest!” suggests Tamara. In front of the catwalk in the soap factory, Harald rolls out a red carpet for his first and second wives, and then there is a good review on the catwalk. Although Tamara’s jacket and glittery shoes are a bit too chic for some opponents, they achieved 34 out of 40 possible points, which means they are on par with Viktoria and Florian from Monday.

By the way, people in Citypark are proud to have been chosen to shop on the show. “Working with the ‘Shopping Queen’ crew internally was also a great experience for the Citypark team and our shop partners. The atmosphere of our shopping center came into its own perfectly,” says center manager Waldemar Zelinka.

Day 1: “Top couple” Viktoria and Florian wear white sneakers

Are they really the same? Viktoria and Florian shopping at Knilli © RTL / Constantin Ent.

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The difficult start on Monday is made by a couple that Guido Maria Kretschmer describes as the “top couple”: interior designer Viktoria (25) and controller Florian (31), both from western Styria and at home in Graz. The sporty couple regularly fights their way through Grazathlon & Co and have been together for three years; before that, the two had known each other since childhood through relatives. The item of clothing that the two want to wear together on the catwalk is also sporty: it should be white sneakers. But first they start looking for an outfit for Florian (“There are a lot more for women,” says Viktoria) – stop one is the Knilli clothing store on Joanneumring.

For Viktoria’s outfit, the two go to Reitschulgasse, to Dr. Bottle – the former drinks shop has long since become a shop with a large selection of decorations and clothing (“What an exciting shop is that!” comments Kretschmer). The choice falls on a petrol-colored, tight cotton dress with cutouts. The two of them buy the white sneakers they’ve been waiting for from Görtz in Kastner & Öhler – practical, because you can find a few accessories on the way out of the department store. The finishing touches are done with styling at the Zeitgeist hairdressing salon on Giradigasse before you head out onto the catwalk.

And how was your shopping performance? The same shoes are “perhaps the lightest thing,” says Kretschmer – they are still sweet in the morning and magical in the evening. The competition, which is allowed to evaluate the two immediately, finds the motto “definitely fulfilled”, but there is criticism of Viktoria’s bag (“Not my favorite,” says Tamara) and the fact that the eye-catching dress somewhat overshadows Florian’s outfit steals the show. But the rating is high: There are two eight and nine points, so a total of 34 out of 40 possible.

Kretschmer is enthusiastic: “Maybe I’ll even move there!”

Filming took place in private apartments, in shops (including Kastner & Öhler, Citypark, Knilli…) and hairdressing salons. But of course impressions from Graz are also shown – the star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who comments on the events and awards the decisive points at the end of the week in Hamburg, actually inspires: “God! I have already decided that I will definitely go to Graz. Maybe I’ll even move there! “Look at that, how beautiful it is,” he says.

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West Styrians Viktoria and Florian, who live in Graz, will be the first to venture onto the catwalk (which was set up in the soap factory) on Monday. The other candidates for the first shopping queen title from Graz are Tamara and Harald, Lisa and Dominic, Charlotte and Thomas and Christina and Alexander.

Who will win in the end has, of course, been decided for a long time, but is currently being kept top secret.

The first photos of Shopping Queen in Graz

Kitchen Impossible also comes from Styria

Another VOX show from Styria can also be seen on TV in the next few weeks: The cooking show “Kitchen Impossible” was filmed again at Richard Rauch in Trautmannsdorf. The sibling Rauch restaurant was already featured in an episode in 2017, when Tim Mälzer had to recreate one of Rauch’s dishes without a recipe in 2017, “Styrian scallops” (bull testicles) with cow udder. Now Rauch himself becomes Mälzer’s opponent; he is sent by him to Braga in Portugal and to Brussels. And in Styria, Mälzer not only has to bake Klachlsuppe with Heidensterz, but also bake – of all things, a family dish, the “Kardinalschnitte” from Richard’s beloved aunt Herta. Can be seen at the start of the 9th season on February 25th on VOX and RTL+.

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