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KU Leuven files a complaint against Dries Van Langenhove after racist statements during lecture (Leuven)

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Leuven –

The far-right student association NSV is no longer allowed to organize activities in KU Leuven premises until the end of 2025. The university decided this after racist statements by Dries Van Langenhove during an NSV lecture on Wednesday evening. The university also files a complaint against those statements.

Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 3:25 PM

Dries Van Langenhove’s lecture on Wednesday evening took place in an auditorium at KU Leuven and was organized by NSV. Anyone who rents KU Leuven buildings should normally also follow the practical guidelines with clear terms of use that exclude racism and discrimination.

“During the NSV lecture, those conditions were clearly violated and Van Langenhove made racist statements,” the university said. “His statements, which were made under the guise of a lecture on regenerative agriculture, incite racism and are in direct conflict with the core values ​​of the university.”


During the lecture, Dries Van Langenhove spoke about his ideas to combat mass migration, about repopulation, about the lawsuits against him, and about the upcoming elections. He made a drawing on the blackboard showing the differences between people, and before that between Africans and Europeans. “People are not equal, but left-wing people do everything they can to become equal. Because of this egalitarian obsession, there is now indeed structural racism, only not against black Africans, but against whites. There are simply fewer African engineers. Classes with many African children do worse, we know from scientific research. Even left-wing politicians send their children to white colleges.” He also dismissed Roma women as thieves.

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“NSV was warned”

The university has therefore decided not to allow NSV to use its infrastructure until at least the end of 2025. In addition, KU Leuven is filing a criminal complaint against the racist statements of Dries Van Langenhove. “KU Leuven attaches great importance to freedom of expression and encourages debate and exchange of ideas. In its tradition of openness, the university also plays a facilitating role and makes its infrastructure available for the widest possible range of social activities. The statement on academic freedom and freedom of expression at KU Leuven is guiding in this regard, as well as the accompanying practical guidance on the use and reservation of KU Leuven classrooms is relevant. As already reported last week, this framework is not a dead letter or style formula, so NSV was warned,” says rector Luc Sels.

“KU Leuven will never accept or normalize expressions of sexism, racism, threats or denial of genocide as determined by law. The event must also be respectful and must not violate the law. The physical safety of the participants must always be guaranteed. Authorization for use does not imply that KU Leuven agrees with the ideas and/or tendency that the applicant or the requesting body represents.”


Before the lecture, there was already a lot of protest against the fact that it took place in the buildings of KU Leuven. A petition against the lecture attracted more than 700 signatures. On Wednesday evening there was also a demonstration against the lecture on Ladeuzeplein.

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