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La Nuova del 9 December: Covid, Sardinia withstands the brunt of the new wave

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SASSARI. There is always Covid in the foreground on the New Sardinia of 9 December. The discovery of a new Omicron variant contagion also confirmed that the precautions on Volotea’s Rome-Alghero flight were strict, and the passenger who traveled positively did not infect anyone else, apart from a subsequent close contact with him, as discovered by the swab sequencing.

But Pfizer also confirms that the third dose is still able to stop the danger of the variant, so much so that the two positive passengers at Covid-Omicron are fine. Vaccinations continue at a fast pace while the number of new infections remains under control and patients hospitalized are decreasing, demonstrating how Sardinia is holding up the brunt of the new wave.

In the other pages, the health budget in Sardinia with the news that the Ats will have to return 60 million more from the Region as funding, while among the 5 health companies active on the island only one is in the red, the university of Sassari.

In basketball resounding defeat in the Champions League for Dinamo who says goodbye to the Cup. The Sassari, returning from a brilliant performance on the field of Virtus Bologna, were defeated in Ukraine by Prometey with a gap of 33 points.

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