Home News Lack of bicycle parking puts cyclists in trouble – breaking latest news

Lack of bicycle parking puts cyclists in trouble – breaking latest news

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Lack of bicycle parking puts cyclists in trouble – breaking latest news

In the city of Loja there are few spaces for parking bicycles, despite the existence of an Ordinance that requires their location. Those who, for various reasons, use this means of transport have problems parking.

In the canton of Loja, the Ordinance that regulates the use of the bicycle and related as a means of sustainable transport, was approved in 2021; provides for public and private institutions; supermarkets and schools, implement bicycle parking in their facilities, thus encouraging the use of bicycles.

Since the Ordinance came into force, through the Traffic Operational Control Unit (UCOT), it notified the institutions so that in their parking lots they fit a space to locate the “steel horses”.


Rodrigo Muñoz León, a cycling activist in Loja, in dialogue with Diario Crónica, indicated that, for some time, they have been insisting that public parking lots have a space to park bicycles. “There are problems to find a suitable place, we even have to ask a friend to take care of the bike for us.”

By having adequate parking for this means of transport, cyclists will be given greater security, he said.


The activist delimited “although the installation of biceparqueos is necessary, the most important thing is the education of the cyclist. Implement mechanisms to improve mobility”.

In the same way, in relation to the bike path, “it must be used properly,” he said.


Juan Morales Díaz has the same criteria, who two years ago bought a bicycle to move around the city. He said that he never finds a place where he can park.

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It also adds to the request to incorporate public spaces to park these means of transport as they exist in other cities. (YO)


In the city of Loja, entities such as GRAN AKÍ, Supermaxi, Unidad Educativa La Dolorosa, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Prefecture and Municipality, allocated spaces for bicycle parking.

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