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Laerru, poisoned the dogs: the judge sentenced him to one year

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At the court of Sassari the first sentence of its kind in Sardinia: the 65-year-old will also have to compensate some of the owners of the poor animals killed

PIn order to be able to frame him and put an end to the slaughter of animals in the countryside of Laerru, a super investigation had been set up by the Public Prosecutor of Sassari which had seen in the field specialists from the Forestry Corps, the University, the Zooprophylactic Institute and the special Anti-poison dog core.

Giovanni Moro, 65-year-old farmer from Laerru ended up in court – with overwhelming evidence against him – on charges of killing and mistreating animals and killing protected wild species. Yesterday morning the sentence arrived for him, the first on the island for a similar case, a real criminal plan that had led to the death of at least fifteen animals.

Judge Anna Giuseppina Pintore of the Sassari court sentenced him to one year of imprisonment, with conditional suspension of the sentence and to the compensation of two thousand euros to the owner of one of the killed dogs and of another thousand euros each to two other fellow villagers who had joined a civil party in the trial, also for having suffered the poisoning of the dog.

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