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Lampedusa, access to the island of Rabbits by reservation only

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From next July 15th, access to the Spiaggia dei Conigli will be allowed only in a limited number and upon compulsory free reservation. The service is promoted by the “Isola di Lampedusa” Nature Reserve managed by Legambiente Sicilia to limit the number of visitors, protect the extraordinary and vulnerable coastal environment and guarantee a more aware, respectful and sustainable experience of use.

The choice was made necessary as a result of some ordinances issued by the authorities which prohibited access to large areas of the beach classified as hydrogeological and the reduction in the width of the beach: at the moment there is a serious overcrowding.

The quota of the number of visitors will therefore allow tourists to live a better experience and will guarantee greater protection of the places, as has already been achieved in Sicily in the beaches of the Vendicari Nature Reserve and in dozens of beaches in Sardinia and Tuscany.

The online booking system is now active by connecting to the web page www.prenotazionespiaggiaconigli.it, also accessible from smartphones. The accesses will be divided into two distinct time slots: 8.30-13.30 and 14.30-19.30, with the maximum presence of 300 people in turn; Reservations will not be necessary for children under 6 and for residents in the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa (up to a maximum of 25 people per time slot).


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