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Lan County: Deeply promote the changing of customs and vigorously promote new civilized practices – Xinhuanet

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In Lan County, efforts are underway to promote the change of customs and advocate new civilized practices. Since the beginning of the year, the county has implemented specific measures to change customs, such as limiting gifts to 10,000 yuan and holding simplified weddings and funerals.

The county has updated and improved village regulations and guidance manuals to standardize the operations for wedding and funeral banquets. Strict rules have been put in place, allowing no more than 150 guests at banquets and limiting the price of dishes to 500 yuan. Additionally, the holding time for weddings and funerals is not allowed to exceed one day.

In an effort to further promote these changes, the county has distributed 40,000 promotional fans and organized folk art groups to create dance performances and short plays related to changing customs. The county has also created promotional videos and short films to raise awareness about the new practices.

Changing customs has been incorporated into the selection indicators for the creation of mass spiritual civilization, encouraging the masses to become practitioners of changing customs and cultivators of new trends. A total of 18 households and 18 demonstration villages have been selected as models for changing customs.

In addition, the county held a collective wedding this year in an effort to demonstrate and guide young people in inheriting and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture.

Overall, Lan County is actively working to improve the level of rural spiritual civilization construction and consolidate and expand on poverty alleviation achievements. The efforts are aimed at empowering and forging the soul of the community and establishing a more civilized atmosphere.

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