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Large-scale machine harvesting in the main producing areas of summer grains in my country

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Large-scale machine harvesting in the main producing areas of summer grains in my country

Large-scale machine harvesting in the main producing areas of summer grain in my country is about to start.

CCTV news: At present, the summer harvest in my country’s main summer grain producing areas has kicked off, and the large-scale machine harvest is about to start. All localities are doing everything possible to grab agricultural time, expand production capacity, and welcome a bumper year.

This year, the area of ​​winter wheat in my country has stabilized at more than 330 million mu, and the large-scale cross-regional wheat harvest will be launched from the main production areas of Huanghuaihai at the end of May and will be advanced from south to north. The latest agricultural situation dispatch shows that the wheat harvest in the southwest has exceeded 90%, most of the main production areas of Huanghuaihai are filling and mature, and Hubei, Anhui and other places have begun to harvest.

In Henan, my country’s main wheat producing area, a large-scale machine harvest will be launched this weekend. According to reports, this year’s summer grain area in Henan has remained above 85 million mu, which is basically the same as the previous year. The current wheat is growing well and a bumper harvest is in sight. In order to ensure the return of summer grain granules, Henan Province plans to invest 4 million units (sets) of various types of agricultural machinery. At present, the preparations for the docking of agricultural machinery needs, the maintenance of machinery and equipment, and the training of drivers and operators have been basically completed.

Ma Wanli, deputy director of the Rural Affairs Office of the Henan Provincial Party Committee: ensure that the machine harvest rate of wheat over 85 million mu in the province is stable at above 99%, and the average loss rate of wheat machine harvesting is controlled within 2%; the autumn grain planting area is stable at more than 76 million mu.

In Qianjiang District, Chongqing City, these days are the busy season for rice field planting. Starting from the 23rd, in the rice field at the foot of the mountain in Gaoping Village, Qianjiang District, adjacent to E Town, at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, dozens of villagers cooperated with each other. The seedlings were quickly divided and transplanted, and the scene was busy. This high-quality rice base covering an area of ​​200 mu was originally abandoned land. Two years ago, the local area developed high-quality rice cultivation through standardized land management, and at the same time adopted the “village collective + cooperative” model to expand business channels.

In Hainan, the lychee harvest season is coming again, and lychees from Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai and other places have been listed one after another, and major lychee plantations and purchase points have also begun to get busy. The unique tropical climate makes the pulp of lychees delicious, juicy, sweet and delicious, and they are sold nationwide. Local experts were invited to guide planting and unified sales, and each lychee orchard invited at least 10 groups of merchants to negotiate.

In Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, fruit farmers are busy in more than 80,000 mu of wine vineyards. During the critical period of grape budding and branching, local technical experts were invited to the fields to provide “one-to-one” guidance to growers. Penglai is a national standardization demonstration area for viticulture and agriculture, and it has been planting wine grapes for over a hundred years. In recent years, the local government has established industry-university-research cooperation with colleges and universities, and promoted personnel training and mechanized use. Farmers have transferred land to enterprises and transformed them into industrial workers to obtain multi-channel and sustainable income.

Wu Qiang, Director of Grape and Wine Industry Development Service Center in Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province: We guide and plan from the perspectives of technology, variety and industrial development. On the one hand, we strive to improve the technical level of vineyard growers and managers, and on the other hand Cultivate and build regional brands to upgrade and upgrade, so as to achieve rural revitalization and farmers to become rich.

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