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Last year, 137 Dutch people were arrested for explosive attacks: “It has become a real export product”

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An explosive burglary in Germany in 2022.

The Netherlands –

Last year, 137 Dutch people were arrested because they were allegedly involved in an explosive robbery. Most of the bombings with Dutch involvement were in Germany, where Dutch suspects blew up an ATM 367 times last year. For comparison: in the Netherlands that year there were eight burglaries, according to the police. “It has definitely become an export product,” says a spokesperson.

Many Dutch terrorist gangs are moving to Germany, because measures in the Netherlands have reduced the chance of a successful terrorist attack. For example, captured banknotes are often unusable because they are automatically glued together after an explosion.

The number of German explosive raids involving Dutch people decreased last year for the first time in years. While this happened 442 times in record year 2022, last year there were 367 cases. According to the police, this decline appears to be continuing, with 56 ‘Dutch’ burglaries in Germany in the first three months of this year. That is 64 fewer than in the same period last year.

According to the police, the decrease is because the police and judiciary in the Netherlands and Germany are working increasingly closely together. A major trial will begin next week in Bamberg, Germany, against sixteen Dutch suspects who are held responsible for approximately ninety bombings in Germany. The Dutch are said to have stolen a total of around 7 million euros. The trial, for which ninety sitting days have been set aside, will take place “due to the size of the case” in a sports hall on the grounds of the German police training institute in Bamberg, according to the Dutch police.

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Dutch terrorists also struck last year in countries other than Germany. In Switzerland this led to an explosion nine times, in Austria eight times and in Belgium the Dutch blew up an ATM four times.

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