Home News Latina, the center-right councilors resign, the mayor Coletta lapses: “Paradoxical legislation, I go away with my head held high”

Latina, the center-right councilors resign, the mayor Coletta lapses: “Paradoxical legislation, I go away with my head held high”

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Latina, the center-right councilors resign, the mayor Coletta lapses: “Paradoxical legislation, I go away with my head held high”

We will return to vote in Latina. Damiano Coletta, recently confirmed mayor, lapses from the role because the opposition councilors of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia, Latina nel Cuore and Udc, majority within the assembly, as announced once the election has been validated left the classroom to go and resign. “With a great sense of responsibility, coherence and love for the city of Latina, the Municipal Councilors elected in the Center-right will resign en bloc today to finally turn the page with respect to the Coletta administration” they announced in a note, explaining that the mayor “in last year it has been shown that the so-called ‘lame duck’, that is a mayor who does not have the majority in the city council, nor the trust of his fellow citizens, is unable to guarantee the city an administration that faces the many problems of our territory and that is able to plan the development and future of Latina ». Coletta, center-left mayor, was in his second term, and had recently been reconfirmed with the vote ordered by the TAR in 22 sections. Today he fell after the 19 center-right councilors resigned before the notary.

For the opposition, in fact, the mayor had sentenced the city to six years of “total immobility”. «Ours – explain managers, directors and elected representatives of the 5 lists – is a gesture of responsibility and an act of love towards Latina. By closing this unsuccessful administrative experience, we will soon be able to assure Latina an administration capable of solving the problems of citizens, giving answers to families and businesses and finally working for a future of development and growth of our wonderful territory ».

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Latina thus remains without political leadership the city in a delicate moment for the life of the country but Damiano Coletta, now a former mayor, entrusts his greeting to his fellow citizens to a video posted on Fb: “The distrust of me on the part of the center-right coalition it is an action that is in their faculties as a result of a paradoxical legislation to a mayor directly elected to the ballot, but then he is effectively prevented from governing because there is a different majority. But the rules must be respected. As well as the voting choices and the fact that the city has expressed its confidence in my confrontation must be respected ».

“This choice will lead to a heavy stalemate in the city because there will be a lack of politics in directing administrative action in a delicate moment for our country – added Coletta -. The center-right coalition has chosen to have the policy canceled for at least 8/9 months and will take responsibility for it. The center-right will enter the history of the city for having provoked 4 police stations in recent years ». In conclusion, the promise: «I will continue to fight for the projects that are starting to find their fulfillment. I leave the role of mayor of my city with a clear conscience, my back straight, my head held high and as a winner ».

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