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League split? Fedriga: “It’s the beauty of democracy”

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League split?  Fedriga: “It’s the beauty of democracy”

Are we facing a divided League? “When there are democratic processes it is obvious that there is a confrontation, it is the beauty of democracy”. The governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and president of the regions and autonomous provinces, Massimiliano Fedriga, upon direct request, sends back to the sender the insinuations about a party now in pieces. It does so after the weekend in which the third tranche of Lombard provincial congresses of the party was held but above all after the first public event of the “Northern Committee”, the current of the League founded by Umberto Bossi after the electoral results of 25 September, where the senatur said «It’s time to get back on my feet, in recent years the identity of the League has been cancelled. And if you erase the identity of the League, you die». Words commented this morning by Fedriga at the first Festival of Regions and Autonomous Provinces underway in Milan: «I see this dialectic positively because it strengthens the League and internal democratic processes». And with regard to the outcome of the provincial party congresses, Fedriga judges them positively regardless of the outcome: “I think the decision taken to move towards the congress season is a breath of health not only for the League but for all political forces”. According to the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, today’s League is not a League that has abandoned the North but is faced with “a national political offer that must be based, and I claim this too, on what it has always offered as a , or the valorisation of the territories. In this case also the southern territories. And I am happy that the southern territories can also move towards an autonomous path ». Precisely on differentiated autonomy, one of the flagship themes of the Carroccio, Fedriga specifies that the League has not set it aside: “on the contrary, we want to enhance it, it is in the DNA of the League”, adding that “the South has all the capabilities to being able to give important answers to one’s own territory. Personally, I am tired of the fact that there is the thesis that the Southern Regions would not be up to autonomy”. On the Pnrr Fedriga strongly requests the involvement of the Regions otherwise it will be a problem for the country if the works are not carried out: “The Pnrr is an extraordinary opportunity for the territories, but we are experiencing significant critical issues in the implementation. We believe that the current approach lacks the necessary institutional coordination and that the Regions have a marginal role , failing to guarantee the connection and support of local authorities”.

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