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Learn, think and practice Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts to shoulder new cultural missions

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Learn, think and practice Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts to shoulder new cultural missions

“Xi Jinping’s Cultural Thoughts Revolutionize China’s Propaganda and Ideological Work”

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, significant theoretical and practical changes have become the cornerstone of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts. With Xi as the core, the Party Central Committee has identified the general trends in China and the world, guiding cultural work. Under Xi’s vision, Chinese culture has undergone significant transformation and development.

The landscape of ideological influence has shifted fundamentally, with historic achievements in propaganda, ideology, and cultural undertakings. The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics is experiencing a renaissance, with unprecedented strides in cultural development.

The intellectual acumen of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts reflects robust perspectives and judgments on cultural construction in the new era. It commingles the sinicization of Marxism, the transformation of traditional Chinese culture, and the evolution of the Communist Party’s cultural traditions in the new era. The result is a new depth to China’s cultural confidence and the party’s historical confidence.

Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts are not merely theoretical, but practical. These thoughts prioritize cultural development to meet the demands of a population seeking improvement in their spiritual and cultural lives. They reflect the realities of new opportunities and challenges faced in a rapidly changing world.

Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts provide a theoretical and practical framework for the practice of becoming a cultural power in the new era. By emphasizing the importance of the “two establishments,” strengthening the “four consciousnesses” and “four self-confidences,” and implementing his ideas into the entire process of publicity, propaganda, and cultural work, Xi has set a powerful ideological precedent for China’s cultural mission.

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In the wake of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts, the party has charted a course for the work of propaganda, ideology, and culture in the new era. Through perseverance, openness, and innovation, Xi’s vision lays the groundwork for China to achieve a new height for cultural development. The encouragement to strengthen cultural self-confidence, maintain inclusivity, and promote Chinese culture to the world, signifies a new phase in China’s ideological and cultural propaganda work.

Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts are set to revolutionize China’s cultural landscape, representing a new chapter in the country’s cultural development, and a renewed mission to share Chinese civilization with the world.

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