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Lega and Fi at loggerheads in Veneto over autonomy – News

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Lega and Fi at loggerheads in Veneto over autonomy – News

By Rosanna Codino and Andrea Buoso The bill on Autonomy triggers tensions in the majority. The clash in Veneto between the League and Forza Italia is growing, while the centre-right in the South is also placing its stakes. In Calabria (region led by the Italian Roberto Occhiuto) the majority votes for a text in which it is requested that the State-Regions conference not ratify any agreement on the subject of Autonomy without “a prior impact analysis also of the matters excluded from the Lep”. In Veneto the controversy is reignited by the Forzista coordinator, Flavio Tosi, who pointed the finger at the current structure that governs the Region. “We have never been involved in the majority of Palazzo Balbi, because by Zaia’s decision Forza Italia has no department”, attacked the former mayor of Verona.

A choice, that of the governor, which for Tosi “breaks dramatically with the history of the centre-right. In fact, when the balance of power was reversed, Berlusconi and Forza Italia – he recalled – always recognized each ally, large or small, dignity and representation. Today, however, we are not represented in the Council and we do not even express a presidency of the Commission in the Regional Council”. It is a fact that Fi has only two representatives in the Council, and that in any case it has always voted in favor of the majority’s provisions. But it is also true that a series of attacks on the governor have been underway for some time on the part of the Venetian coordinator (former Northern League member) and never on good terms with Zaia.

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That his autonomy is a sensitive topic is demonstrated by the words of the President of Veneto at Tajani’s request for a more in-depth discussion on the bill under discussion in the Chamber “there is no need to monitor – Zaia made it clear – it is everyone’s autonomy , there is no political party that wants to escape with the ‘loot'”. An argument branded by Tosi as a “sterile and useless controversy”. Words, those of the former mayor of Verona to which Zaia does not respond, leaving the Northern League secretary of the region, Alberto Stefani, to respond: “with these continuous attacks on Zaia, Fi has chosen to leave the perimeter of the region’s governing majority” .

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