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Lega Serie Bkt calendar 2023 – 2024 (live streaming Sky, DAZN and Youtube)

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Lega Serie Bkt calendar 2023 – 2024 (live streaming Sky, DAZN and Youtube)

Tuesday 11 July at 8.30pm (live on Sky Sport 24, DAZN, Youtube) the new sports season of the BKT 2023/2024 series with the presentation of calendarfor the first time asymmetricalorganized by National Professional League Serie B in synergy with the company like 1907 presented by Marina Presello and Marco Demicheli.

Location of the event, the charming Elm Villa a Asin which the 38 days of the 92nd edition of the “Italian Championship”. As usual, one of the twenty cities of the tournament will be the protagonist of the event to once again bear witness to the inseparable link between LNPB eh territory of the peninsula.

One way, this, to confirm the will of the president Mauro Balata to enhance the artistic wonders present in the cities of the championship, such as Villa Olmo which overlooks the splendid Lake Como, on the slopes of the Alps. The park covers almost five hectares, including 780 trees including some declared specimens monumental and others planted even between 1600 and 1700. The building, designed by the architect Simone Cantoni, is developed on two floors and has hosted numerous important personalities over the course of history, such as for example the Austrian imperial family and the hero of the two worlds Giuseppe Garibaldi.

During the event there will be a moment of show, entertainment and involvement represented by the artist Edward Bennato who will be called on stage to sing some of his songs, including “It’s a goal!”, which will accompany the BKT Series abroad, broadcast in 52 countries. La B and Bennato represent a perfect union between two Italian excellences: the first showcases hundreds of Italian football players every season, while Bennato is recognized by all as an artist who has been able to tell our country through his music.

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During the evening the new official ball will be presented Kombat™ Ball 2024also designed this year by Kappa®which represents the partnership renewed for the seventh consecutive year with the Turin company, demonstrating a now consolidated relationship.

The design of the ball is highly technical and avant-garde, with renewed lines and the particularity of new ones panels present on the ball in order to improve its grip, thus obtaining greater control on any type of surface.

The event will be broadcast at 20:30 by the official broadcasters of the championship: Sky Sport 24 e Dazn.

Below are the criteria used by Lega Serie B to compile the Serie BKT 2023/2024 calendar, which will be presented on Tuesday 11 July at Villa Olmo in Como:

the sequence of the matches in the first round is different from that of the matches in the second round (asymmetrical calendar); the compilation of the first days of the calendar takes into account the needs highlighted by the clubs for restructuring interventions of their stadiums in line with the Lega Serie B policy for greater modernization, reception and usability of the gaming facilities; a match will not have its return before at least 6 other matches have been played; for cities where there are two clubs that use the same stadium in different championships, given the misalignment of some championship rounds, an attempt was made to obtain the best alternative; in the last 4 rounds, home games must be perfectly alternated with away games; teams that have already met during the first day of SerieBKT 2022/2023 cannot meet in the first round of Serie BKT 2023/2024; with regard to the last day, the teams that have already met during the last round of the 2022/2023 BKT Series cannot meet in the last round of the 2023/2024 SerieBKT.

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The start date of the 92nd edition has already been communicated by Lega Serie B: we start early Friday 18 August 2023matches also scheduled for Saturday 19 and Sunday 20. 38 days and 380 matches for all the verdicts of the regular season: the last round of the championship is scheduled Friday 10 May 2024. Then the post-season with playoffs and playouts. Scheduled by Lega Serie B on the following dates: Tuesday 29 August 2023, Tuesday 26 September 2023, Tuesday 26 December 2023, Tuesday 27 February 2024, Wednesday 1 May 2024. They are in total four stops scheduled for the championship: First break: Saturday/Sunday 9/10 September 2023; Second break: Saturday/Sunday 14/15 October 2023; Third break: Saturday/Sunday 18/19 November 2023; Fourth break: Saturday/Sunday 23/24 March 2024. Said of the stops for the national teams, it remains confirmed the appointment on the field for Boxing Day. Subsequently, Serie B will stop for the winter break scheduled from 27 December 2023 to 12 January 2024.

At the end of the regular season, there will be two direct promotions in Serie A. Ai play-off classifieds will be able to participate from 3rd to 8th included. The promotions could be directly three if the third has an advantage of at least 15 points over the fourth after 38 league matches. Three direct relegations to Lega Pro at the end of the regular season, while the 16th and 17th classified go to the playouts. The relegations could be directly four if between the 16th and 17th classified there is a margin of at least 5 points after 38 championship days.

Curiosity: it has always happened since the 1994/95 Serie B season, or since when the victory is worth three points. It’s not all: 27 times out of 29or in 93.1% of cases, the team that won the most races it ranked within the first two places focusing on direct promotion. It happened in 7 of the last 8 Serie B championships (87.5% of the overall figure): the team that obtained the record attack of the tournament, at the end of the regular season, achieved first place and direct promotion to Serie A. The only exception is Benevento 2021/22, eliminated playoffs. In 18 of the last 24 editions played (75% of cases), the team with the best defense in the tournament was promoted to Serie A net of the direct jump from the regular season or the playoffs. Since Serie B awards three points for a win, in 25 of the 29 concluded seasons (86.2% of cases) at least one of the teams relegated just twelve months earlier from Serie A immediately rose to the top division: 33 total promotions. Cremonese, Sampdoria and Spezia will try. From the 1994/95 season with three points for a win, 14 teams have achieved consecutive double promotion in two years from Lega Pro to Serie A. In this edition, the suspects will be the newly promoted ones: Catanzaro, Feralpisalò, Lecco and Reggiana. This is the case of Cittadella, Cosenza, Feralpisalò and Sudtirol, teams entered in Serie B 2023/24 and never promoted to the top flight in their history. Last season it was the turn of some 2006 heroes (later turned coaches) like Pippo Inzaghi, Fabio Grosso, Fabio Cannavaro, Daniele De Rossi, Alberto Gilardino, Massimo Oddo and of course the eternal Gigi Buffon. This year the challenge will be between Andrea Pirlo and Alessandro Nesta in Sampdoria-Reggiana

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