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“Less taxes on businesses”, the relaunch of the Belluno area in the programs for the Chamber of Deputies

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“Less taxes on businesses”, the relaunch of the Belluno area in the programs for the Chamber of Deputies

Five candidates compared. Climate, energy and business are the themes proposed to the candidates of the single-member constituency of the Chamber: Ingrid Bisa (center-right), Maria Teresa Cassol (center-left), Elena Quaranta (M5S), Marco Griguolo (Action) and Daniele Trabucco (Italexit ). On the pink card of the Chamber, the Belluno voters will also find Francesco Furlan (Alternative for Italy), Carolina Patierno (Italy Sovereign), Maria Francesca Salvador (Vita) and Carlotta De Longhi (Popular Union).


Everyone agrees: climate change has faster and more dramatic effects in the mountains. “It is essential to increase the production of green energy,” he says Cassol: “An important role will have the energy communities, a network of families, companies, institutions that will produce and share the energy produced with photovoltaic panels”.

Belluno, who are the candidates for the Chamber: Ingrid Bisa (center-right)

Per Trabucco: «The mountains are the sentinels of climate change. Like Italexit, we will act with ad hoc policies to ensure that forests and soil store the greatest amount of CO2, subtracting it from the atmosphere. Biodiversity must also be protected and increased ”.

“Countering the effects of change is vital for businesses like ours,” he recalls Griguolo. “We have proposals regarding the water crisis, the circular economy and the ecological transition. In addition to operating in the energy field, we must intervene in the sectors that have the greatest impact on emissions. We want to reduce the impact of freight transport and decrease the use of polluting private vehicles, increasing subways and tramways and modernizing road vehicles. It will then be fundamental to invest in district heating, in the water network, in the purification and treatment of waste ».

“For the energy system of our country”, he highlights Can“Action must be taken to reduce the high dependence on energy and raw materials, to expand the energy mix, to diversify the sources of supply, to strengthen their security and resilience, to strengthen the interconnections of networks with other countries, to promote competition within a certain and stable regulatory framework ”.

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According to Forty: «We need to act immediately to obtain a structural change in the mix of energy sources in favor of renewables as soon as possible. Progressive decarbonisation must be achieved, focusing on efficiency and reducing consumption. At the same time, the absorption of CO2 by forest and agricultural soils and marine areas should be favored, also with the establishment of new protected areas. The mountain wooded areas must be considered as essential assets ».

Health and services Belluno, who are the candidates for the Chamber: Elena Quaranta (Five Stars)


Concern about energy costs is, at the moment, the most alarming. “To find a remedy for expensive energy, you first need a budget shift,” he says Griguolo. “We must act now because intervening at a later time will cost much more in terms of layoffs, unemployment benefits and citizenship income. It is also essential to achieve independence from Russian gas and for this reason we believe it is necessary to complete the construction of two regasifiers, increase national gas production by reactivating existing plants, encourage renewable energy for self-consumption and include nuclear power in the energy mix. The extra-profits produced by the hydroelectric plants remain in the area ».

Per Canwe must: “Accelerate gas release mechanisms (greater national production of natural gas to be assigned at controlled prices, with procedures managed by the GSE, to industrial sectors exposed to expensive energy and at risk of closure) and energy release (collection and purchase of electricity produced from renewable source plants by the GSE and subsequent sale at controlled rates primarily to industrial customers, small and medium-sized enterprises), also evaluating their upgrades, in order to give a temporary benefit to companies and outline a virtuous structural framework such as to develop the production of renewable energy and support a decarbonised development of the industry ».

Belluno, who are the candidates for the Chamber: Maria Teresa Cassol (center left)

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Trabucco he warns: «The expensive bill is not an unavoidable fact, but a precise political choice of this government that has generated and facilitated it thanks to the parties that support it. Sanctions on Russia have backfired and speculation is only one side of the coin. We are asking for a budget gap of no less than 35 billion ”.

“We need to think about energy saving and less energy-intensive structures,” he says Cassol. «To counter the emergency, we intend to introduce a cap on the cost of electricity; we are also thinking of a social electricity bill contract for low-income families and micro-enterprises with energy produced from renewable sources and free of charge up to 1350 KWh / year per family, about half of the average consumption, and with controlled tariffs for the remainder. Finally, for businesses, a doubling of the tax credit ».

“We need mechanisms for defining the price of energy,” he says Forty, “Partly financed through an additional tax on the extra-profits of the energy giants. We also intend to strengthen the new Ets Fund tool for energy-intensive businesses. But even more could be done on bills, eliminating many taxes ».

Health and services Belluno, who are the candidates for the Chamber: Marco Griguolo (Action and Iv)


The proposals for businesses are more varied. “We need a lower tax burden on businesses, and on labor,” he says Forty, «With particular attention to innovation and training processes. We aim at the tax credit to promote investments aimed at the technological and digital transformation of production processes, and the lever of fiscal rewards ».

According to Can the priority is to reduce energy costs for companies: “We need to rebuild a national industrial nuclear supply chain, support the development and diffusion of geo-exchange and introduce incentive tools for energy saving with subsidies and tax deductions”.

A question of infrastructures, on the other hand, for Cassol: «In a territory like ours, physical and digital connections are fundamental to enable our companies to compete with competitors. Start-ups promoted by young people must be supported, smart working and co-working must be strengthened. Returning to the energy issue, territorial coefficients for aid must be introduced: we live in an area where temperatures have already dropped. Finally, in all the meetings I had with representatives of the various sectors, the request to simplify the bureaucracy emerged unanimously ».

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Health and services Belluno, who are the candidates for the Chamber: Daniele Trabucco (Italexit)

“Businesses are one of the engines of our economy,” he recalls Griguolo, “Both at the national and at the regional level. It would therefore be unfair not to pay attention especially in areas where the performance of activities is often complicated. Already with the mountain bill it became clear how important it was to concretely provide for support to businesses. By support we mean: financial concessions, Incentives for investments aimed at improving the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of companies (especially in the agricultural sector), implementation of policies aimed at strengthening and developing the connection between the territory and the company. In fact, there have been several interventions for the development of these strategies in recent years. Just to mention some strategies implemented in recent years: Pac, Psr and the related calls. Becoming entrepreneurs in one’s own territory should never be experienced as an insurmountable obstacle, but rather, it should be a source of pride, for this reason it is necessary to put in place a policy that knows the situation well and that knows how to exploit all the regional, national and European instruments to layout”.

In the end, Trabucco takes its cue from the Constitution which also provided for business support: «The idea is that, exploiting the potential of art. 44, paragraph 2, of the current Constitution which entrusts the law to implement measures in favor of mountain areas, to establish an area characterized by important tax benefits. I see it as a first step towards the concrete recognition of a true mountain autonomy “

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