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Let Culture and Tourism “Date in Depth”-Observation of Cultural and Tourism Integration Sub-forum of Cultural Tourism Cooperation Summit Forum-Fuzhou-Southeast.com

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Let culture and tourism “deep dating”

Observation of Cultural Tourism Integration Sub-forum of Cultural Tourism Cooperation Summit Forum

The guests at the meeting provided the pulse of the high-quality development of the cultural travel industry.Photo by reporter Zheng Shuai

Fuzhou Daily reporter Sun Man Lan Yuping

In front of me, “Xushenghua faces thick boots, Lao Dan’s shirt is long with long sleeves”; beside my ears, there is “talking with melody and frustration, and the singing is tactful and passionate”. Come to the antique urban Min Opera club living room, come to a cultural and tourist experience.” “Dating in depth”, what kind of special experience is it?

On the afternoon of the 23rd, one of the supporting activities of the 7th “Maritime Silk Road” (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival, the “Maritime Silk Road” (Fuzhou) Cultural Tourism Cooperation Summit Forum Cultural and Tourism Integration Sub-forum at the Min Opera in the historical and cultural district of Shangxiahang Grand View Garden was held. A number of domestic large-scale tourism agencies, representatives of traveling dealers, cultural tourism investors, etc. gathered together to explore the two topics of “new vitality for traditional scenic spots, new ways to upgrade new scenic spots”, and “innovative development of new business formats for Haisi culture and tourism”. The connotation of the Silk Road cultural heritage provides the pulse of the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry.

The development of scenic spots must have “new vitality”

Under the background of integrated development of culture and tourism, what should enterprises do? Facing the new challenges in the new era, how should the cultural and tourism industry transform and upgrade? In the sub-forums, the guests at the meeting expressed their opinions and brought solutions to the “beauty and beauty” of culture and tourism from different perspectives.

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“Here is a combination of Chinese and Western “tea + chocolate”!” Aoyuan Yingde Chocolate Kingdom, which opened at the end of last year, is the first chocolate IP theme resort in China and a typical case of cultural and travel integration. When it comes to park operations, Zheng Zhengmin, general manager of operations at the headquarters of Greater Bay Area Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., believes that it is necessary to make a good article around the 10 words of open source, throttling, talent, system, and innovation, and keep up with consumers’ preferences. More good projects with “small input and big output”.

As an established scenic spot in China, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park has many fans. How to make a good transition from traditional tourism to modern tourism? Fang Hongfeng, vice president of Haichang Ocean Park, has his own opinion. “The tourism industry chain is complex and diversified. It is necessary to start with the user experience and the innovativeness of the service, and put a lot of effort into product creation and operation, and put more diversified, interesting and fresh products into the market.”

From purely offline travel agency business to entering the cultural media industry, Yingke Tourism has been making steady progress in its transformation and upgrading. “Every time we start again, we hope that more people will understand the culture of the city.” Tian Geng, vice president of Yingke Tourism, said that for the scenic spot, the future development is related to new concepts and new concepts such as AR, VR, and blockchain. Technology is inextricably linked. You can consider adding some immersive experiences such as AR and VR scenes in the development and operation of the scenic area, and the interaction between them, and use “new vitality” to empower the development of the scenic area.

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Cultural tourism development needs “new scenes”

New scenes, new ideas, new vitality. In the second half of the sub-forum, representatives of cultural and tourism investors and other guests started a dialogue on the topic of “Innovative Development of New Cultural and Tourism Business in Maritime Silk Road” to discuss the development path of new cultural and tourism business in the new situation in the face of new culture and consumer demand.

The development of cultural tourism requires “new scenes.” At the scene, Li Keqi, the promoter of national highway G318 cultural promotion, took National Highway 318 as an example to extend it from various aspects such as highway cultural excavation, IP creation, and establishment of museums along the route, and shared the enlightenment brought by this “national highway”. “There is the’Southern Silk Road’ within the 318 National Highway. Like the Maritime Silk Road, it is a bridge for economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the West.” Li Keqi said that the number of motor vehicles and highway mileage in my country ranks first in the world. At present, the excavation of highway culture is still in its infancy. “As more and more’highway crowds’ focus on the country, highways, as a new tourism scene, will surely bring infinite possibilities.”

“The cultural and tourism industry should be regarded as a’life body’.” Huang Xingyan, executive deputy general manager of Jinshang Overseas Chinese Town, believes that innovation is to meet the needs of development, and the tourism industry should not blindly regard innovation as a targeted or mandatory task. When completed, the innovation and upgrade of tourism should follow the time and personal “senses”.

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In the sub-forums, the rural revitalization micro-resort destination project, pocket craft beer (Phase II) jasmine craft beer 30,000 tons sightseeing factory, future home Jizhu post station, “Guangcai Health and Wellness Residence Base·National Open University The road show of the “Residence Training Base for Vocational Skills Talents” authorized cooperation projects, creative design empowerment of cultural and tourism IP projects, and the signing ceremony of 5 projects including the Guangcai Health and Recreation Residence Base and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Cultural Research Camp were held.


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