Home News Let justice on paper become “real money”!Henan court distributes 1.082 billion yuan for enforcement cases a day

Let justice on paper become “real money”!Henan court distributes 1.082 billion yuan for enforcement cases a day

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On November 18th, the Henan Court launched the “Day of Centralized Issuance of Enforcement Case Funds”, and 1,082 billion yuan of execution case funds were distributed to 1,567 applicants.

So far this year, Henan courts have accepted 721,000 enforcement cases and concluded 546,000 cases. The province’s courts issued 29.946 billion yuan in enforcement cases within 30 days of the statutory time limit, which effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the parties who won the case. At present, all overdue execution case payments have been cleared and issued, the goal of dynamic clearing of overdue case payments has been achieved, and a standardized, efficient, standardized and transparent execution payment management model has been established.

In this centralized issuance of execution case funds, our province has adoptedOnline and offlineIn the form of simultaneous distribution, a total of 149 courts set up offline distribution sites, and 34 courts adopted online distribution. A total of 1.082 billion yuan was issued to 1586 parties for enforcement cases, involving 1567 cases. The main types of cases involved people’s livelihood and small, medium and micro enterprise cases involving the rights and interests of migrant workers. Among them, 542 were cases involving people’s livelihood, worth 104 million yuan; and 235 were involving small, medium and micro enterprises, worth 170 million yuan. Realize the rights and interests of the parties with real money, and respond to people’s livelihood concerns with tangible implementation measures.

It is reported that this event is a day of centralized payment of enforcement case funds organized by the Supreme People’s Court across the country. Courts across the country actively responded to the masses’ concerns about enforcement cases, consolidated the effectiveness of centralized clearance of enforcement case funds, and promoted the education of the second batch of court teams nationwide. The transformation of results will be rectified, and the satisfaction of the people will be further improved.

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(Source: Henan Daily Client)

Article source: Henan Daily Client

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Original title: Let the justice on paper become “real money”!Henan court issued 1.082 billion yuan for enforcement cases a day

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