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Let the fireworks of “Village Night” dance in every corner of the countryside – Comments – China Industry Network

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The Beauty of “Village Night” Shines Across China

In China’s vast countryside, “village evening” has become a unique and vibrant landscape. During the 2024 Spring Festival, the main event of the “Village Gala” staged in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Liuzhou, Guangxi captivated the attention of the whole country and showcased the vitality of rural culture. A total of 91 demonstration points participated in this event across the country, demonstrating the richness and diversity of rural culture.

“Village Evening” is more than just a display platform – it is a unique expression of villagers’ confidence in rural culture. Through writing, directing, performing, and admiring themselves, villagers are able to tell their stories and showcase the beauty and vitality of rural life. This cultural celebration serves as the spiritual sustenance of villagers and a lively manifestation of rural cultural revitalization.

On the stage of the “Village Gala,” the stars are not celebrities, but simple folks and neighbors. The tickets are not expensive, but rather the local specialties made by the folks themselves. This event is not only a cultural feast, but also an emotional exchange and a way to enhance rural community cohesion.

With the development of the Internet, “village evening” is no longer limited to the scene. These programs have moved to a broader stage through online platforms, attracting the attention and likes of many netizens. The power of the Internet allows rural culture to be widely disseminated, giving more people the opportunity to experience the charm of rural culture.

However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that “Village Dancers” can dance in every corner of the countryside. Local governments and relevant departments need to increase their support for rural cultural construction, providing necessary financial, technical, and talent support. It is also important to focus on cultivating rural literary and artistic talents and volunteer teams to improve the cultural literacy and organizational capabilities of villagers.

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Additionally, we should fully utilize local rural resources, encouraging villagers to use their creativity and imagination to integrate every aspect of rural life into the creation of “Village Night”. Integration with modern technology and the use of new media and online platforms to expand the influence and coverage of the “Village Night” is also crucial.

It is also important to advocate for participation and support from all sectors of society. Enterprises, social organizations, and individuals can become sponsors or volunteers of “Village Night” and contribute to the construction of rural culture. Only by gathering the power of the whole society can the “village evening” dance more colorfully in the rural fireworks.

As an important brand of Chinese rural culture, “Village Night” is attracting more and more attention with its unique charm. It not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of rural people, but also becomes an indispensable part of the rural revitalization strategy. In order to make more “village evenings” dance, we need to start from multiple aspects and work together to promote the prosperity and development of rural culture. Let us work together to let the fireworks of “Village Night” permeate the entire land of China and let the brilliance of rural culture illuminate every corner.

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