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Letizia Moratti, the resignation from the Lombardy junta: “With Fontana there is no trust”

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Letizia Moratti, the resignation from the Lombardy junta: “With Fontana there is no trust”

Letizia Moratti resigns, resigning the delegations of vice president and councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region. This was announced by the former mayor of Milan in a press release in which she specified that she had awaited “the outcome of the political elections and the formation of the new government” to make her position known “in the face of the breakdown of the relationship of trust with the president Fontana ».

Lombardia, Fontana: “Moratti now close to the center-left, perplexed by his criticisms”

«I offer my best wishes for a good job to Guido Bertolaso, the new Welfare Councilor of the Lombardy Region. Guido collaborated with me, together with the whole Welfare structure, in a really difficult moment in full sharing of strategies and objectives », Moratti added.

It had been months in fact that a response from the leaders of the Center-right had been expected after Moratti had announced his willingness to run in the next 2023 regional teams. «A strong signal with respect to the slowness and difficulties in the action of this Administration, which in my opinion no longer responds to the interest of the Lombard citizens. A choice of clarity that I take full responsibility for, also in consideration of the contradictory measures taken in the fight against the pandemic ».

He does not spare a comment even towards the government. “On the one hand, I positively acknowledge that the line I established for Lombard citizens was to follow the opinion of the experts of the Lombard Control Room that I activated on the obligation of masks in hospitals and RSA – he adds -. On the other hand, I register with concern the choice to anticipate the reintegration of doctors and other unvaccinated health professionals, the amnesty of the no vax fines and the different sensitivity on the importance of vaccines ».

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Therefore, after these declarations, the hypothesis of some national role supported by the new executive seems to be moving away. After all, relations with the Lombard governor had been tense for some time, after Fontana himself had defined the relationship of trust with his deputy as being broken. “In resigning, with a spirit of fairness and loyalty, I emphasize that I remain at the disposal of the Region for an orderly handover of the progress of the projects I have and have activated” concludes Moratti.

This morning the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, is among the first to comment on the news, and immediately states that since the role of councilor is based on trust, and since this has long since failed, “Moratti did what he did not have the courage to make Fontana ». According to the mayor, the center-left will now have to “speed up his reflections on who to field.” To those who ask him if the hypothesis of a Moratti candidacy for the regional teams supported by the center-left is viable, Sala replies that he sees it “difficult, even if it is not up to me to decide, but I do not see it as a simple operation”.

Then there is another scenario that opens up, namely the one that would see the now former vice president as a candidate supported by the Third Pole. However, this could create problems regarding a possible Pd-Terzo Polo alliance in the run-up to the next regional elections. It is therefore crucial to understand the positions of the leaders of Action and Italia Viva. On this point Sala adds that «Calenda and Renzi will hear them in the next few days». Meanwhile, it is Calenda himself who quickly comments on Moratti’s choice: “She was courageous in resigning Attilio Fontana from the bad government – says the leader of Action – Moratti did an excellent job during the vaccination campaign, which before then was in a chaos unworthy of a large European region. I am sure that in the future you will be able to make a positive contribution in regional or national policy ».

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Fontana’s replica
Fontana’s reply to the resignation of his deputy was not long in coming. The illustrious substitute at Palazzo Lombardia is in fact already ready, namely Guido Bertolaso: “We will immediately proceed with the appointment of a councilor for Welfare who deals – without political distractions – exclusively with the needs of citizens starting from the interventions on the waiting lists” – explains the governor in a note. “For this reason, after informing the leaders of the center-right, I decided to entrust the delegation of Welfare to Dr. Guido Bertolaso, protagonist of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy and profound connoisseur of the Lombard health system”. Fontana’s political comment on Moratti’s choice is clear. «The doubts that I had expressed on the political positioning of Letizia Moratti were founded – adds the president of the Lombardy Region -. It is clear that you are looking to the left and not from today ». The governor, however, responds above all to the criticisms raised by the former member of his council «It is surprising that the councilor for welfare declares today that the action of the council is not enough. He has been a part of it for a year and a half and I don’t think he has ever raised any problems ».

Berlusconi: Bertolaso ​​competent servant of the state
«Guido Bertolaso ​​is a generous and competent servant of the state. He was an excellent head of Civil Protection in my governments and then a very efficient commissioner for vaccines against Covid for the Lombardy Region, but, first of all, he is a doctor. I am happy that he has accepted to become Lombardy’s health councilor. Best wishes to him for a good job ». The president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, writes on social media.

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