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Letta opens up to dialogue with the Brothers of Italy on the Quirinale: “Choice is shared with the opposition”

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The post Mattarella brings together Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni. For now there is still no name, but the opening to dialogue reached by the secretary of the Democratic Party towards the Brothers of Italy still sounds like an important signal. From the stage of the Casa del Cinema, where today the presentation of the book “Razza Poltrona” by the journalist Fabrizio Roncone was held, Enrico Letta says he is ready to discuss the choice of the next President of the Republic with the opposition. “I am in favor of the involvement of the Brothers of Italy, a vote that brings everyone together”, the words of the secretary. A wish also picked up by Giorgia Meloni, sitting a few meters away on the same stage. “It would be a great political victory to open dialogue”, the response of the leader of Fdi. According to Meloni, the most probable option, however, remains that of a Mattarella bis, in the wake of what happened with the second term of Giorgio Napolitano. «I do not agree with this choice, but I believe that his prices are very high. Forcing the rules for a second time seems ugly to me, ”concluded the former youth minister.

The tones of the confrontation remained calm, but the one on the shared choice of the next president is the only one of the issues addressed on which the two have shown a common line. The first battleground was the proposal made by Meloni to introduce a semi-presidential system on the French model, a hypothesis that Letta decidedly rejected: “I do not agree, it is a model with limits, give all the power to those who represent 25% of the voters, without balancing ». Even the former prime minister, however, said he was in favor of a reform of the electoral law, aimed at reducing the power of the leaders. “We need to stop parliamentary transformation, let the citizens choose,” his words.

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A few hours earlier, Letta had also spoken to the national leadership of the Democratic Party, launching a message of unity in view of the next local elections on 3 and 4 October. The secretary of the Democratic Party sees in the electoral round not only the moment of choice of the governments of the main cities, but also a dress rehearsal to define the political scenario for the coming years. “We have made the best choices and in fact we are competitive everywhere”, the words of the secretary of the Democratic Party. The invitation to party comrades was then decided to avoid friction and remain compact, to bring home an important result for the present and for the future.

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