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Letta: “The fall of Draghi? A collective suicide of politics. We are much more progressive than the M5S “

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Letta: “The fall of Draghi?  A collective suicide of politics.  We are much more progressive than the M5S “

With the fall of Draghi “I believe that what has been accomplished was a collective suicide of Italian politics and I believe that our institutions, our politics come out very badly.” This was stated by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, a Half an hour more, on Rai tre. «This majority was unique and unrepeatable, because with Salvini never again. But it had to be done for the good of the country, with the exceptional opportunity of having Mario Draghi as prime minister. As we approached the elections, attitudes diverged instead of becoming more responsible, instead it was necessary for things to remain with the equilibrium and formulas of the government which then fell ».

“It’s not just politics”, he warns, “there will be negative effects for citizens.” Then he claims: «We in the 5 Star Movement are much more progressive on many issues. Did they get more votes? The other time … Now it will be different ». And he anticipates: «We will call the list Democrats and Progressives. I’m ready to talk to others to see if anyone wants to discuss the proposal on our list ». And he adds: «I will not make an acrimonious campaign against them (the M5s), we have made a journey together that I claim and of which I do not regret. The 5S at the beginning of the legislature combined what they combined, then there was an evolution that allowed the government that managed the pandemic and the Draghi government to do. Conte then abandoned that evolution ». That said, Letta confirms that the separation with M5S “in this election” is irreversible. We need “a constructive and positive logic: this is how we will move towards the next elections” explains Letta.

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The issues that, according to the secretary of the Democratic Party, must be put at the center of the electoral campaign are environment, first of all, and the salary issue. «They are connected», explains Letta, «because it all depends on how the ecological transition is made. If it becomes a social drama, the latter will prevail over the ecological question ». “Between the end of the month and the end of the world, the first always prevails,” says Letta. With the Draghi government “we had put at the center the question of an extra month’s salary per year, we will take it forward”.

Enrico Letta, a Half an hour more, then replies to the words of Giorgia Meloni about the “mud machine” that the FdI leader complains is in action against her. “Mine are always political positions. There is this victimization of the center-right, typical of Meloni and Salvini, which I have never appreciated. We will have to be careful. For them it is always someone else’s fault, there is this “Malaussenism” taken to the extreme, which leads to always looking for the scapegoat, when instead it is necessary to take responsibility for what is being done »she says. “Salvini – the Pd secretary says about the posture of the center-right with respect to the government experience that has just ended – has been in government with us in recent years”.

Letta, then, on the theme of the war in Ukraine, reiterated that he was convinced that with the fall of Draghi he has no doubts “that the Russian embassy celebrated with caviar and that Putin had the greatest satisfaction after Johnson’s death in London. This is not only an Italian, but a European, heavy affair ».

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