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Letta: “Woe to Italy if it only goes back to 2019”

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Enrico Letta, speaking to the cadres of his party, made two very relevant “macro-political” statements. The first: “Without Next Generation Eu, the European Union would have disappeared!” in that way paving the way for the victory of the sovereignists who today are in serious difficulty ». The second: now there is the possibility of transforming this type of investment so massive from emergency into “permanent”. A simple possibility, which to become concrete, is essentially entrusted to the ability of Italy to live up to the confidence received: knowing how to spend and knowing how to invest, in the sense of using European funding as a lever for growth and not as a simple buffer of the ’emergency. Trouble, Letta said, if Italy limited itself to returning to 2019.

The secretary of the Democratic Party spoke at the opening of the second day of “The world after, a short course on good politics”, the two days of debates and specialist contributions organized remotely by the Foundation of the Democratic Party led by Gianni Cuperlo. Letta focused on European issues, with a premise: “Excuse me if I will be apodictic …”. Of course, the first hard statement (that on the dissolution of the EU) was explained as follows: “Maybe the Union would not have jumped institutionally but would have collapsed and sovereignty would have won”. Instead, the Union gave “a rapid response” and also quantitatively relevant: “Let us not be fooled by the suggestion of Biden’s 2000 billion, which certainly are not few. But if we add the 750 billion of the Recovery with the suspension of the Stability Pact, we will have a very significant expenditure for countries ».

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And therefore, this time in Europe, “the principle of solidarity” prevailed, that of “union is strength” and a third principle that was also not taken for granted: “With a political choice, the focus was on sustainability rather than investing all resources on immediate survival “.

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