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Leuven alderman becomes list pusher for the Chamber in… Walloon Brabant (Leuven)

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Leuven –

Major surprise within Leuven politics. Because after David Dessers, another green councilor now appears to be eligible for the House in June. Alderman Thomas Van Oppens becomes a list pusher on the parliamentary list of sister party Ecolo… in the province of Walloon Brabant.

He was the odd one out at the announcement of Ecolo in Louvain-La-Neuve on Friday afternoon. A Flemish alderman, who appears on a Walloon list. Van Oppens is following Kristof Calvo, who is doing the same in Hainaut. “I do this as a symbolic act, to show that we encourage more cooperation across the language border,” says Van Oppens.

He himself could not be on a federal or Flemish list for Green, as he sat on the election committee of the party that compiles the lists. But for the House of Representatives you do not have to live in the region where you are on a list. So when the Walloon counterpart contacted him, he didn’t hesitate for long.

Federal constituency

“I am certainly a fan of abolishing the provincial electoral districts,” says Van Oppens. “These are elections for a federal level that revolve around federal policy, so I would like to be able to choose all candidates. In any case, I argue for more cooperation. There are few places where you feel this lack of cooperation as much as in Leuven, near the language border. Take the Dyle, which flows into our city from Wallonia. If it floods in Wallonia, we must hear about it through the media. While that is really important information for our city. More consultation and cooperation is really necessary.”

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Will Van Oppens leave Leuven? “Absolutely not,” he says. “My priority remains to be able to become Leuven’s alderman again at the municipal elections in October. I do not aspire to a seat in the House, it is mainly symbolic support. Although Walloon Brabant is a good place to show up, because many Flemish people live there.”

In theory, Groen Leuven now has two chances for a seat in the House, with both David Dessers and Thomas Van Oppens as list pushers.

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