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Li Dazhao, a century-old ancestral hall, is here to enlighten “workers are heaven”

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  Fengtai District Changxindian Citangkou Hutong No. 1 Changxindian Labor Cram School Site “Workers Are Heaven” thematic exhibition is open to the public

  Li Dazhao, a century-old ancestral hall, is here to enlighten “Workers are heaven”

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Changxindian was a gathering place for the early railway construction industry and industrial workers in China. It was also one of the main sources and locations of the Jinghan Railway Workers’ strike. It was the starting point and model for the combination of Marxism and the Chinese labor movement. It was known as the “Northern China“. The Red Star”. A hundred years ago, the Changxindian labor cram school was an important front for the integration of Marxism with the Chinese labor movement. Li Dazhao, Deng Zhongxia and other members of the early Communist Party organization in Beijing all came here to inspect and give lectures to help workers increase their cultural knowledge and wake up. Class consciousness guides the labor movement.

Recently, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily came to the former site of the Changxindian Labor Cram School at No. 1 Citangkou Alley, Changxindian, Fengtai District, where a special exhibition of “Workers Are Heaven” is going on. Entering this quaint courtyard house, the main room is the classroom of the school at that time. The exhibition restored the scene of Li Dazhao preaching the revolutionary truth of “Workers are Heaven” at that time. There are three rows of long desks in the classroom, a total of eight rows, and pen and ink books are placed on the desks. On the blackboard on the north wall, the four characters “Labor Sacred” are written in white chalk.

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One day before the Spring Festival in 1921, at the entrance of Changxindian Labor Cram School, Shi Wenbin, a short-sized worker wearing a felt hat, was rubbing his hands and waiting for two special teachers: the famous Li Dazhao and Deng Zhongxia. Li Dazhao came to the podium and said: “Brothers, you all understand the truth that capitalists will always treat workers as machines and tools. But as for us workers, we should treat ourselves as human beings! We must unite and fight for the right to be humans! “

He picked up the chalk and wrote the word “worker” upright on the blackboard, then turned around and asked, “Do you know these two characters?” Everyone replied, “Yes! Read’worker’.” Li Dazhao asked again, “Look, everyone. , What do you say when I connect the character and the character?” Everyone replied: “Say’Tian’!” Li Dazhao continued: “Yes, it means’Tian’. The worker’s character’s’Work’, the upper part is the sky, the lower part is the sky. The horizontal is the ground, the middle one is the worker, the worker stands upright, and the worker is the greatest class.”

The candle is not lit, and the oil lamp is not lit. In this way, the communist enlightenment thought quietly sneaked into the hearts of the workers in the easy-to-understand teaching of the teachers.

The South Wing of Changxindian Labor Cram School was the teacher’s living room at that time, and now is the memorabilia of Changxindian Labor Cram School. The north wing was the office area of ​​the school at that time, and the enrollment brochure of the labor cram school on the wall was very eye-catching. The chapter was signed on November 21, 1920 in the labor sector. The first article stated the purpose of running the school: to enhance the complete knowledge of “workers” and “workers’ children”, and cultivate the noble personality of “workers” and “workers’ children” . The enrollment guide shows that workers can enter the school regardless of age, literacy or not. Night shifts are set up for “workers” and day classes are set up for “workers’ children.” “All students in this school will not charge tuition fees, and will provide appropriate allowances for books, utensils, etc.”.

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After the early establishment of the Communist Party in Beijing in 1920, Deng Zhongxia and others organized the Changxindian labor cram school here in order to carry out the labor movement. The labor cram school held its opening ceremony on January 1, 1921, and officially opened on January 11. The school faculty members were mainly stationed by the early Communist Party organizations in Beijing.

Wang Zhensheng, head of the Publicity and Education Section of the Party History Office of the Fengtai District Committee, said that the cram school in the past also opened up activity rooms with entertainment popular reading materials, as well as publications such as New Youth, Xiangjiang Review, Labor Weekly, and Workers Weekly. There are also pamphlets such as “Communist Manifesto”, “Labor Circle”, “Labor Voices”, and “Workers’ Victory”. Musical instruments and chess are also provided for everyone to entertain, and singing, acting and other cultural activities are organized. These work created conditions for the later establishment of labor unions. .

Under the influence of Changxindian labor cram school, the early Communist Party organizations in various places established night schools with workers as the mainstay to help workers increase their cultural knowledge, awaken class consciousness, and guide the labor movement. The spark of revolution gradually became a prairie fire. In 2013, the site of Changxindian’s February 7th strike was announced as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units, and the site of Changxindian labor cram school was one of them.

Text/Photography by our reporter Pu Changting/Our reporter Yang Yi

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Exhibition information

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00-16:00 (12:00-13:00 closed to kill, 15:30 stop admission)

Address: No. 1, Citangkou Hutong, Changxindian, Fengtai District

Transportation: You can take No. 339 and No. 391, get off at Changxindian Hospital Station, and walk about 300 meters. Or you can take No. 329, No. 339, No. 391, No. 459, No. 896, No. 897, No. 952, No. 983, get off at Changxindian South Exit Station, and walk about 250 meters to arrive.

How to make an appointment: Follow the WeChat official account of “Beijing Fengtai” and click on “Venue Appointment” at the bottom of the homepage.


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