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Li Guangman’s Cultural Revolution incriminates public anger and publicizes Zhongnanhai (photos) | | Zhongnanhai

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Li Guangman’s “combat text” caused worries about the New Cultural Revolution. (Image source: Free Asia)

[Look at China September 12, 2021](Look at a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Miao Wei) A little-known self-media person recentlyLi GuangmanThe official media tweeted and reposted a “combat essay” by the Chinese government, which caused a huge noise on the Internet.Editor-in-Chief of the Global TimesHu XijinCome out to put out the fire.On September 10th, Duowei.com’s article from the China Foreign Propaganda and Duowei.com directly calledZhongnanhaiWe should reflect on this, and the article was deleted shortly after it attracted attention.

Duowei.com, which was accused of foreign propaganda, published an article on September 10 entitled “Pursuing Li Guangman is a major mistake, Zhongnanhai should reflect on it.” Reposted by a large number of important official media, its unusual posture can have an explosive effect, and mistakenly convey to the public that this article is a strong signal of all the official will.”

“Duo Dui” believes that “to pursue Li Guangman is undoubtedly a foolish move, this is an ideological propaganda’add fuel to the fire'”, and “Zhongnanhai should reflect on such unnecessary mistakes, because in fact it is not wise.” .

In Duowei’s article earlier, it was stated that Li Guangman’s article was reposted by important official media because it was “inspired by power,” and it also led the outside world to speculate whether this refers to Wang Huning, who is in charge of the Communist Party’s propaganda.

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“Duo Dui” deleted the article shortly afterwards, but this kind of call for Zhongnanhai to reflect directly is really rare in media close to the Chinese Communist Party’s official relations.

The CCP’s media are all surnamed the Party, and they must maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee. Could it be that the “Party Central Committee” behind Hu Xijin and the “Party Central Committee” behind Li Guangman did it?

In this regard, the “Fa Guang” commentary wrote that first Li Guangman advocated revolution and then Hu Xijin boldly refuted it. What surprised all walks of life in China was that who represented the official position of the two, which triggered an internal struggle in the CCP. Guesses.

According to “Fa Guang”, “Actually, judging from Hu Xijin’s quick counterattack against Li Guangman, most analysts do not believe that Li Guangman represents the official’full will’, and the official has at least’two wills’. What is strange is that in power Xi Jinping, who is in his hand, almost gave up his face, and at every turn required the whole party to’two safeguards’,’unify thinking’, and unite in the Party Central Committee with him at the core. The two factions are still fighting fiercely, which seems to mean that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is about to come. At the time of the convening, there was a constant flow of secrets within the party.

On August 29, dozens of Chinese Communist Party media from the central to the local level suddenly forwarded an article by Li Guangman, “Everyone can feel that a profound change is underway!” “. In the article, Li Guangman preached that a revolution that would destroy the bones and wounds was coming. As soon as this article was published, it immediately aroused the concerns of the outside world about the CCP’s second Cultural Revolution.

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Li Guangman then published an article boasting that “It is very rare for the major central media to publish an article from the official WeChat account. It is obviously a unified arrangement of the news and publicity department and the network information department, which has formed a very strong propaganda effect.” .

However, Li Guangman was quickly slapped. On September 2, Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “Global Times”, said that Li Guangman’s article deviated from the party and the country’s major policies and constituted “serious misjudgment and misleading.”

Wang Juntao, chairman of the China Democracy Party National Committee, told the Voice of America that the Chinese state media reprinted an article by a small person like Li Guangman in unison. It is very likely that it was instructed by a senior official of the Politburo member in charge of the propaganda system of the Chinese Communist Party. Take a magnifying glass to China’s public media space to capture such articles, and then reprint them. But when the public opinion effect of this operation was not good, Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, seized the opportunity to publish an article and contribute. He also believes that another possibility is that someone in the CCP wants to “hack” Xi Jinping.

Hu Ping, the honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring”, believes that from Xi Jinping’s perspective, he still hopes to use the so-called “revolution” to play a deterrent effect, so as to ensure that he will be re-elected at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China next year.

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Hu Ping said: “So I think Xi Jinping’s approach is at most to take Li Guangman’s statement, according to the South China Morning Post, and it will cool it down. But it will not basically deny him like Hu Xijin said. It shows that he is still Want to create a related deterrence result, people dare not express any dissent. Therefore, he does not necessarily want to purge the high level of the party immediately, not necessarily that signal, mainly because of deterrence. Of course, he knows that if he does not emphasize the party The deterrence of the high-level insiders makes him unable to sit still. On the other hand, if the deterrence is increased too much, it may arouse unexpected events, which is also very troublesome.”

Source: Look at China

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