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Li Keqiang: Vigorously do a good job in agricultural production this year to promote the overall revitalization of the countryside – Teller Report

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Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council proposed in the government work report on the 5th to vigorously grasp agricultural production and promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas. Improve and strengthen agricultural support policies, continue to promote the development of poverty-stricken areas, and promote bumper agricultural harvests and farmers’ incomes.

Strengthen the stable production and supply of important agricultural products such as grain. Stabilize the sown area of ​​grains, strengthen the field management of summer grains for the late sowing of wheat, and increase the yield of soybeans and oilseeds. Appropriately increase the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat. Guarantee the supply and price stability of agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizers, re-issue agricultural materials subsidies to grain farmers, and increase support for the main production areas, so that farmers can have reasonable income from grain planting, and the main production areas have internal motivation to seize grain. Resolutely adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land, plan for permanent basic farmland, and effectively curb the “non-agricultural transformation” of arable land and prevent “non-grain transformation”. Strengthen the transformation of low- and medium-yield fields, build 100 million mu of high-standard farmland, and build and transform a number of large and medium-sized irrigation areas. Strengthen the protection of black soil and the comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land. The third national soil census was launched. Accelerate the revitalization of the seed industry, strengthen the research and popularization and application of agricultural science and technology, and improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment. Improve the ability to prevent and control agro-meteorological disasters and animal and plant diseases. Strengthen the control of production capacity of live pigs, and do a good job in the production and supply of livestock and poultry, aquatic products, and vegetables. All regions have the responsibility to ensure national food security, and the regions where the grain is transferred must also stabilize grain production. All parties must work together to fill the “rice bag” and enrich the “vegetable basket”, so as to firmly hold the rice bowls of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people in their own hands.

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Comprehensively consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. Improve and implement the monitoring and assistance mechanism to prevent returning to poverty to ensure that large-scale return to poverty does not occur. Support poverty alleviation areas to develop characteristic industries, strengthen labor cooperation and vocational skills training, and promote the continuous increase of income of the poverty-stricken population. Strengthen the national rural revitalization key assistance counties assistance measures, do a good job in the follow-up support for relocation, deepen the east-west collaboration, fixed-point assistance and social assistance, and enhance the self-development capability of poverty-stricken areas.

We will steadily and steadily advance rural reform and development. After the second round of land contract expires, the county-wide pilot program will be extended for another 30 years. Deepen the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, collective property rights, collective forest rights, forest farms in state-owned forest areas, and agricultural reclamation. Strengthen rural financial services and accelerate the development of rural industries. Strictly regulate the withdrawal and merger of villages, and protect traditional villages and rural features. Start rural construction actions, strengthen infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, air, mail, etc., and promote rural toilet improvement and sewage and garbage disposal according to local conditions. In-depth development of civilized villages and towns. Strengthen the governance of migrant workers’ wage arrears, support migrant workers to find jobs and start businesses, and we must provide more channels for farmers to work and increase their income.

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