Home News Liliana Segre files 24 complaints in one day for threats received from online haters

Liliana Segre files 24 complaints in one day for threats received from online haters

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Liliana Segre files 24 complaints in one day for threats received from online haters

Yesterday the senator for life Liliana Segre presented 24 complaints to the police station in Milan for threats received online. Assisted by the lawyer Vincent Saponara, presented the complaints to the Telematic Investigations Section of the Operations Department – Investigative Unit. The complaints were filed against the perpetrators of the threats that arrived via social media after the position taken by the senator for life against the aggression against Ukraine and in favor of anti Covid vaccines. So among those reported are members of the no vax movement and pro-Russian groups, opposed to military support for the Ukrainian people at war. Liliana Segre also on this issue, as on that of the prevention of infections through vaccination, expressed herself with the clarity that everyone recognizes. But among the reported persecutors of Liliana Segre there are obviously also the traditional anti-Semitic haters who point to her as a survivor of the Holocaust, those who do not forgive her the choice to dedicate her life to bearing witness to the horror of the racial laws and their consequences.

Liliana Segre: “I denounce for the first time the No Vax who threaten me because I am in favor of vaccines”. Piantedosi: “Firm condemnation”

by Zita Dazzi

These are mostly unknown persons tracked by the Postal Police who will now have to be identified and who in recent months have sent messages of “defamatory hatred, often of an anti-Semitic nature and containing death wishes” on social networks or with emails. The senator does not comment on this decision of hers which she had already explained in recent weeks, tired of being the target of waves of insults and threats on the Net. For three years she has been forced to travel with an escort precisely because of these constant attacks, now that she has arrived at 92, together with his children, he decided to ask for the intervention of justice.

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The senator for life and witness of the Holocaust, today at La Scala for the Premiere, had already announced her intention a month ago. “I am the oldest in Europe with an escort because every day I receive threats, now even come on No Vaxbecause I am Vax: but I have decided for the first time in my life to report this person who threatens me”, she said at a conference at Palazzo Marino in Milan, at the first National Forum of Jewish Women of Italy organized by Adei -Wizo.

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