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Linda Caicedo was injured with Real Madrid

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Linda Caicedo was injured with Real Madrid

Linda Caicedo started again with Real Madrid in Spain for the match against Granadilla de Tenerife for matchday 22 of the F League. The Colombian was an initialist and tried to participate in several plays; However, before the end of the first half, after a tackle, the player left the field injured, in the midst of an image that impacted football, as the coffee jewel withdrew in tears.

The 33rd minute of the first half was passing, when Linda Caicedo collapsed in the middle of the field, a fact that activated the alarms and many of her teammates ran out to help her. On the ground, the Colombian was attended even by the rivals, while the match judge requested immediate attention from the medical staff.

Linda’s injury occurred after a strong blow she suffered in the lower part of her back, this, after she received a tackle in the middle of a break from the left. One of her teammates tried to filter the ball to the rival area, a move that had a high probability of scoring, since Caicedo was running alone and was alone with a mark in front of the goal, however, the Venezuelan Verónica Herrera from the rival team, cleared the ball cleanly to the Colombian and it was at that moment when he fell.

Although Herrera took the ball without touching the player, the coffee jewel turned and fell to the ground with a bang and hit the lower part of her back, an action that left her immediately lying down with notorious gestures of pain. Linda Caicedo lasted more than a minute on the floor, then she was transferred to the bench area and decided to continue the game, although the coach was positive, no one thought what was going to happen.

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Caicedo entered the field of play again, but it only lasted a few seconds, as she leaned over and fell to the ground again, however, that was where the total concern began, as the attacker burst into tears in the middle of the field. The decision of the coach José Alberto Toril Rodríguez was to proceed with the change, since he gave way to Feller, while Linda left amid applause and an ovation.

The Colombian suffered a strong blow when falling after a tackle.

So far there is no official report on the health of the player, however, the fans of Real Madrid and the Colombian fans hope that it is nothing serious, since the forward is living a good moment and is preparing for the women’s world cup.

Linda Caicedo: Queen of America

A short time ago, Caicedo entered the list of finalists for the Queen of America award given by the Uruguayan newspaper El País, which recognizes the best player in America. The Valle del Cauca was left together with the Brazilian Bia Zaneratto and the Argentine Yamila Rodríguez for the prize dispute.

A few hours after making the list of finalists public, the newspaper published a note dedicated solely to Linda, where they mention that thanks to her incredible sports year, she was chosen as the winner of the international award.

Within the Charrúa newspaper article, they highlighted Linda’s entire career, including even her early stages as a soccer player, her performance in the 2022 Women’s Copa América, in the U-20 World Cup and her signing for the Spanish club Real Madrid:

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“Beyond her jump to the Old Continent, America recognized Caicedo for what she did in the last year and for this reason the journalists made it very clear that the Colombian was the best player on the continent in 2022.”

Complementing the information, El País delivered the results of the voting for the award ceremony and the Colombian devastated everything compared to its rivals. In total, the coffee forward added 76 votes, while the Brazilian Bia Zaneratto (Palmeiras) finished with 21 and Yamila Rodríguez, who played the 2022 season in Boca Juniors and who today belongs to Palmeiras, closed the vote with 20 distinctions from journalists. with Infobae

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